Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"So and So" Suggested You "Like" Their Page

I must say, I absolutlely LOVE (not LIKE) this image. In a small, 150x150 pixel sized icon (for all my graphics people out there) a mouthful of words come across in less than a millisecond.

Initially, the idea of asking someone to "LIKE" you seemed a little juvenile to me, but now I totally grasp the inherent power of the mighty, yet mini "LIKE" button. See, this is where I was with my thinking; the "LIKE" button was SCREAMING! And so were the Facebook announcements suggesting I "LIKE" certain pages or that my friends already "LIKED".

Let me use my seventeen year-old daughter as an example. Several weeks ago, she posted a video on her Facebook page announcing she would give a shout out in her video later on that same evening to everyone who liked her status within the next 30 minutes. I was absolutely amazed by the response. She got over 50 responses and customized each shout out by not only mentioning her responders real names, but their Facebook names as well. I'm a very proud Momma of course, however, I often wonder if she realizes the magnitude of what she is doing. (I see a future for her in PR...Lol!) Here she is, offering to market the pages of her friends and directing them take immediate action by telling them to "Like" her page within a certain period of time.

When you market your page, and encourage someone to "Like" it, remember you are in a very competitive market even though money is not being spent (at that moment). You are competing for people's time. With that in mind, it would behoove you to make sure you give people direction and create a sense of urgency. Start thinking about what kind of exclusive offers you can give to your "Likers" and what type of wording you can use to get people to understand your offer has a "shelf life". However, above all else, what makes people want to "LIKE" you?

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By the way, before closing, I want to mention Facebook's recently announced promo called "Small Business Boost". They will be awarding $10,000 to the top ten people to gain the most "LIKEs" on their page between now and April 1, 2012. This is even more reason to get those creative juices flowing and possibly when some CASH to promote yourself in other ways.
May God Bless and Keep you until the next time.

P.S. I really wish Facebook would consider adding a "Thumbs Down" button so people can see our dislikes as well. Trust me though, instead of people looking at it as an opportunity for improvement, there would be a lot of unfriending going on in a domino type of effect. "So and So" would let "So and So" know that "So and So" disliked her page, and it would spread around, so on and so forth until "Facebook" became "Faceless"!

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