Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Deitrick Haddon Holding Auditions for His Own Choir

Auditions will be held at 10 a.m. on March 10th at Beach Street Studios located at 421 East Beach Ave., Inglewood,California 90302. Call 909-332-9748. He is also looking for poets, songwriters, instrumentalists, and dancers. Please have a headshot with you. And although they haven't asked for it, a bio wouldn't hurt either.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rules New Gospel Promoters Should Follow

Top Ten Rules for Newbee Gospel Promoters
By Bruce Knight
Attention all Young, Upcoming and "Wannabe", Whippersnapper & think they "Know It All" Gospel Promoters, you need to learn the following ASAP: 

  1. Know the difference between a Showcase and a Concert (Talent Show). 
  2. Time Manage your event. Nobody wants to sit in a 5 hour show with 90 artists; you wear out the Artists AND the audience. 
  3. Have control of your platform and microphone at ALL times; take the mic out of the hands of the artists when they don't know their time is up.
  4. TIME your artists' appearances; give them a specified period of time of ministry (i.e., 15 min., 20 min., etc.), the old "let the Lord use you" method DOES NOT WORK, especially for some NEW artists that think the Lord is ONLY there to use them. 
  5. Learn to RESPECT the Artists' time, resources and Anointing; ESPECIALLY if you're NOT paying them and they're doing it as a favor for you (which is fine). NEVER expect them to offer their ministry for FREE (unless they agree to) especially if they have their own staff/personnel they need to compensate. That's called trying to take advantage of a person's kindness. 
  6. Learn to say "NO!" If you have 8 people already scheduled to minister, more than likely you shouldn't be adding anymore people to the roster; TRUE MINISTRY gets lost when TOO MANY people are on the same event! You're encouraging a "spirit of competition" to enter which should NEVER happen!
  7. MORE does NOT equal better!
  8. Stay "teachable" in order to learn from veterans who have come before you.
  9. Learn to use some WISDOM.
  10. Do what you say and SAY what you mean toward the Artists.

Until you MASTER these skills and have a CLEAR understanding of each, you shouldn't be trying to give any ministry events. The FIRST LESSON of ministry is to learn to treat others the way YOU would want to be treated in return. All of us should be "Anointed" enough to do that. BTW, I really don't care WHO is offended; Class dismissed...Bruce Knight is the C.E.O. of Push-It Marketing and Promotions. He is a music industry veteran with over 37 years of experience and has worked with a long list of well-known artists in the secular and gospel world, such as The Five Blind Boys, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Bee Gees, Gladys Knight, B.B. King, Bobby Blue Bland, just to name a few. Please email him at  to leave him a comment.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Key to Viral Videos

So you want your video to go viral? There is no set path to follow to guarantee success, but there are facts to consider which are common across the board for videos that manage to reach that 100,000 mark.
The Christian Artists’ Promo Blog took some time to do the research and even interview the owner of a secular rap music, Youtube video channel, The Black Complex, which posted a number of different videos nearly 8 weeks ago, and now has a total of 25,000,000 views. Several of these videos have close to 200,000 or more, of these, two are of known rappers and one of an unsigned rap group.

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1: So what is it that makes a video go viral?
The Black Complex: It’s not easy, but you have to keep playing around with the tags, title and description.
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1: Could you elaborate please?
The Black Complex: Viewers like to see the words “Official”, “Exclusive”, “Leaked” in the title. These are words they respond to. Also, if the artist video you are trying to promote is remotely similar to any other industry artist who is “Hot” right now, include that artist’s name in your tags and description.
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1:  Well, I think if it were that easy, everyone on Youtube would have one of these words as a part of the title of their video. Right?
The Black Complex: Well…that’s just a small part of it. I spend a lot of time on Youtube sending messages to people asking them to subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment. Youtube ranks videos according to views, comments and likes.
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1: So I guess I need to tell the subscribers of my blog they should be working just as hard at getting likes and comments on their Youtube channel as they do on Facebook.
The Black Complex: That’s right. They have to remember, Youtube is a community too.
One thing I have to say about the owner of this channel is that he is very laid back about how he promotes his channel. Remember to pray over the concept of your video before you create and pray for it to reach your target audience. Stressing over the numbers will not make them come any faster.
Here are some additional tips I discovered:
Pick an interesting thumbnail image
Post your video in Blogs and groups
Remember Friday at noon is considered the perfect time to post a new video
Start an email campaign of your video and encourage your friends and family to forward it
Be creative and humorous (Not possible all the time with the gospel or serious matters, but if you can, get it in there.)
If you can’t get others to comment, comment on your video yourself and open some additional accounts to answer yourself. (This may sound funny, but it’s true. Be sure to remember to like yourself too. (Lol))
Think of a Title That’s Shocking
Use the Google Keyword Tool to find the keywords that are attracting the most hits.
Attach your video as a response to as many videos as possible with similar or related content.
Credits: and, Making a Viral Video: 5 things you need to know

Friday, February 17, 2012

Be More Sociable On the Social Networks

This past week has been a very awesome, awesome week. I am very thankful to God for the connections he helped me to make, some of which I’m very pleased to announce and share with you in this very blog (others you will hear of in future blogs). But before I get too carried away with how FANTASTIC my week was, I better go ahead and roll back into staying on course, by making sure this Blog is as informative as I promised it would always be.
Every bit of what is written below was written with the independent gospel artist in mind, so please take notes.
THE DEFINITION OF SOCIABLE v. - characterized by pleasant, informal conversation and companionship adj. – friendly, affable, genial, companionable
I would like for you to picture yourself at one of the mega churches, where on any given Sunday, there are 5,000 or more members in attendance. As you look around you, wherever you may be seated, you have people on either side of you and maybe a row or two behind and in front of you, and rows parallel to your row where one of the pews lines up perfectly with yours. And if you lean over a little and look to the left and right, you can see the people in those rows maybe if you squint your eyes a bit. On Facebook, the people in your row are your family and close friends, the rows in the front and back and on either side are your distant relatives and acquaintances and everyone else falls into the category of “Friend of a Friend.” In a mega church, unfortunately, there isn’t enough room or time for fellowship time, where you make it a point of shaking the hand of someone you do not know, but on Facebook, you can shake hands all day until you get tired. So why aren’t we shaking more hands instead of asking for donations?
Please ask yourself this question. Are you more likely to make a purchase from someone you feel you know or a complete stranger that keeps sending the same message repeatedly saying, “My cd is available for download on iTunes?” Okay, let me ask you another question. How many times have you seen something someone posted on your wall and said to yourself, “How he get on my wall? We friends?” And it’s a good question to ask yourself, but you should already have a general idea.
When you have time, start visiting the pages of those friends on your list whose names make you raise at least one eyebrow when you see it on your Facebook screen. Look through their page, comment on a post that interests you, offer encouragement if they appear to be going through a rough time, take a minute to watch their video if it’s a fellow artist, communicate with them after watching it to let them know what you think, check their about page to see if they have a website and leave a comment there if it’s allowed. If it’s their birthday, take a moment to say a simple “Happy Birthday” and if you feel inspired, leave a poem.
  1.  Beg for donations for yourself from people you never communicate with on a regular basis. (If it’s a charity, or for one of your children, that’s different).
  2.  Remember, you have a wall on your page, so don’t clutter your friends’ walls with your announcements. One post a day, unless you and your friend have an agreement, is all that’s necessary if you’d like to keep that friend. (I have become very good friends with someone who did this to me. In fact, I’m a huge fan, but remember, situations don’t always turn out this way and it can get unfriendly.)
  3.  Don’t instant message someone you don’t communicate with to ask them to follow you on Twitter or ‘Like’ your page. 
  4.  Don’t tag me in a photo I ain’t in and then wear my phone battery down because everyone commenting has gotten emotional about your photo. That’s not fair to have me looking at my phone reading a message saying, “So and So commented on a photo of you,” and getting me excited about a false connection. 
  5. Don’t copy an image from someone’s page and then post it on yours as if it originated from you. Just click the share link. Geez! 
  6. Don’t expect someone to come out and support you and you can’t show up and do the same. In closing, I just want to remind you of this; your creativity, in whatever way you have been blessed to express it, is just a part of who you are, it doesn’t make up the whole. The people you minister to now and in the future, want to experience more of you, so remember to be as candid as possible in your posts and photos. People like transparency so be as transparent as possible. And please, please, PLEASE – Let’s start doing a little more fellowshipping on and offline. You can start here by leaving a comment. Amen?! 
 Please take a moment to visit our site (Notice, I didn’t ask you to buy nothing, but you can take a moment to look around and see what’s over there.)
For radio exposure (plays and interviews) please contact Terry Price at 817-231-3583 and Jonathan Moore at 313-618-2270
For exposure through this Vlog, email or inbox me through
Shout outs to all featured in this past Tuesday’s Vlog – Shakina (Kina Da Prophetic Poet) Lewis, Diego Tha GoGetta Fuller, and Articulite Poetry. Shout out also to Serious James who was a guest this past week on The RapFest Show which was U-Streamed. Interview flowed and you all seemed very comfortable around each other.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Join These Groups and Sites Today!

Hey There Family. How are you doing? I pray all is well and that you are working on expanding your reach as an artist and getting closer to the destiny God has always had in store for you. Today we aren't bringing you too much of anything to read, but more of an assignment.

Through my research I have located some of the most influential Facebook and LinkedIn groups and websites on the web for up and coming Christian Artists. My decision to feature these groups and sites in this blog is based upon my own personal experience as well as feedback I have received from artists who have been using them.

With this being the weekend, and many of you being off, stop what you are doing for a moment and take about 10 seconds to press that "Join Group" button on Facebook or LinkedIn. Some of the other sites will require a little more of an investment of your time, but trust me, it is worth it. Before I hit you with this list, let me tell you what the selection criteria was for these groups. We looked at frequency of postings by members, frequency and timeliness of administrators responding to postings (meaning the group is not just sitting out there in La La Land), postings of opportunities for artists, number of members in each of these groups and one's ability to post to the group without having to post under someone else's comment. Having a group that won't allow members to post is sort of counterproductive. One should set up a Fan Page if they don't want anyone to post to their group.

Now before you start pressing these "Join" Buttons, I must forewarn you. Not all of these groups cater directly to Christian Artists. I will let you make the discovery on your own, and come up with your own metrics system to assist you with deciding on whether you should withdraw from the group or stay.

Facebook Groups:

  1. Social Therapy Magazine
  2. America's Next Top Gospel Starz
  3. Busy Streets Holy Hip Hop
  4. Busy Streets Worldwide Gospel: JOM Soldiers
  5. Entertainment Forte Style NETWORK
  6. Christian Artist, Producers, &  Industry, Meet and Greet
  7. The Stellar Gospel Music Awards
  8. Dead to Flesh Records
  9. Hallelujah Magazine
  10. Philly Apollo (You don't have to be a resident of Philly to join.)
  11. The Empire Business Network
  12. FB Music Network Inc.
  13. What is Kina (the Prophetic Poet) Up to Now?
LinkedIn Groups:
  1. Music Industry Bloggers
  2. Urban Gospel
  3. Christian Events

If you encounter any trouble trying to locate any of these groups, please go to my Facebook ( page and look at my listing of groups.

The sites below where selected also for frequency of postings of members,  advertisement of national and international events which could result in you  actively participating, or attending for networking purposes.
Sites to Join: (This site has a gospel contest going on. Upload your video, mp3 and photo. Deadline for entries is 2/29/2012)

Blog to Join:
(I thought the last site would have been a no brainer, but I've noticed a lot of yall coming by in stealth mode and leaving without a trace. Join so you can get this update as soon as it is available, and
before you hear about it in one of the other groups. We may post an opportunity and by the time you get there, that window of opportunity has vanished. subscribe and follow on the bottom and to the top right)

Here's a little Lagniappe for you today:
Contact "The Terry Price Show" if you'd like to have your music featured and be interviewed. AM1160 Sunday Mornings from 8-10 a.m. c.s.t.

I'm done for today. Please feel free to text (214.779.2097) us names of sites, groups or blogs you would see in the next round up of sites to join if yours was overlooked this time. God Bless you and have an awesome weekend!

Oh...don't forget to visit our website to check out the list of services we provide. I go appending my post again. Look...did you know the very best times to post to these groups for feedback are Saturday and Sunday mornings before church. Wow! Test it and see.
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Should I Minister for Free?

The dilemma is not knowing whether or not we will be blessed with a little sumthin', sumthin' when it's all said and done or what! Picture this - God blessed us with a new project and the initial goal was to get it out to the masses and save as many souls as possible at whatever costs, but the costs are killing us. You may have even heard this a time or two, "Come on out Sis/Man of God and be a Blessing to someone and share your gift!" However, many handshakes later, with nothing being passed from hand to hand, when it's all said and done, you find yourself with less money in your pocket than you did prior to the event. What do you do?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, "Am I out here to minister or am I a Christian artist seeking ways of being catapulted to that other stratosphere?" A minister's job is to model the teachings of the Bible and offer words of encouragement to any and everyone in need. The job of the artist is to deliver these teachings in the art form he or she has been blessed with to encourage and uplift. One's job is to be a Model and counselor and the other is to Deliver. What is the difference? The minister of a church has a system in place that takes care of his or her needs to a certain degree. There are different ministries within the church, with anniversary ceremonies designed to raise money, as well as the church's very own finance committee which evaluates the financial health of the church and makes adjustments when necessary to keep it healthy. The system in place is designed to help the minister focus on being that model figure. Now I come to my next question.What system do you have in place to make sure you are taken care of? I recently had an artist tell me she traveled in her car, using her gas, over 5 hours out of state with a group of artists who were invited by one main artist. When she got back she was expecting to receive enough money to cover her expenses and wasn't at all concerned about being paid for her time. However, what happened was, something was given, but the giver knew it wasn't enough to cover the traveling expense.

Do you have a manager or loved one as a part of your system? Have you set a monetary goal for the month to assist you with financing your career? Are non-paying appearances part of your goal in terms of the number of appearances you make within the month? (I personally am a firm believer in the power of giving without expecting anything in return. In fact, in retrospect, I can honestly say, these times can be presented as some of my most successful times in terms of being blessed.) A lot of the times family, a manager will straighten all of these things out for you. A manager represents you in situations where if you attempted to represent yourself, you wouldn't be taken seriously. Say for instance you were invited to appear as a guest on the same ticket as Canton Jones at a Megachurch, but the organizer instead of agreeing to pay you a fee, has offered you a meal which they've priced at $75. I don't know about you, but I can pack a brown bag and pocket the $75 to invest in myself. But the other side of this is the organizer who invited you out realizes there will be a huge turnout and just about any starvin' artist she knows would jump at the chance to come out. How hungry are you? You have checked their flyer and it's covered with corporate sponsors' logos. You already know a few people are really about to be BLESSED in a huge way! will have to decide on that one yourself. The event can open some doors for you, but don't allow people to take advantage of you either. Remember...they contacted you. One thing I know for sure is it is never wrong to speak up and let a person know what you would like to have.