Friday, February 17, 2012

Be More Sociable On the Social Networks

This past week has been a very awesome, awesome week. I am very thankful to God for the connections he helped me to make, some of which I’m very pleased to announce and share with you in this very blog (others you will hear of in future blogs). But before I get too carried away with how FANTASTIC my week was, I better go ahead and roll back into staying on course, by making sure this Blog is as informative as I promised it would always be.
Every bit of what is written below was written with the independent gospel artist in mind, so please take notes.
THE DEFINITION OF SOCIABLE v. - characterized by pleasant, informal conversation and companionship adj. – friendly, affable, genial, companionable
I would like for you to picture yourself at one of the mega churches, where on any given Sunday, there are 5,000 or more members in attendance. As you look around you, wherever you may be seated, you have people on either side of you and maybe a row or two behind and in front of you, and rows parallel to your row where one of the pews lines up perfectly with yours. And if you lean over a little and look to the left and right, you can see the people in those rows maybe if you squint your eyes a bit. On Facebook, the people in your row are your family and close friends, the rows in the front and back and on either side are your distant relatives and acquaintances and everyone else falls into the category of “Friend of a Friend.” In a mega church, unfortunately, there isn’t enough room or time for fellowship time, where you make it a point of shaking the hand of someone you do not know, but on Facebook, you can shake hands all day until you get tired. So why aren’t we shaking more hands instead of asking for donations?
Please ask yourself this question. Are you more likely to make a purchase from someone you feel you know or a complete stranger that keeps sending the same message repeatedly saying, “My cd is available for download on iTunes?” Okay, let me ask you another question. How many times have you seen something someone posted on your wall and said to yourself, “How he get on my wall? We friends?” And it’s a good question to ask yourself, but you should already have a general idea.
When you have time, start visiting the pages of those friends on your list whose names make you raise at least one eyebrow when you see it on your Facebook screen. Look through their page, comment on a post that interests you, offer encouragement if they appear to be going through a rough time, take a minute to watch their video if it’s a fellow artist, communicate with them after watching it to let them know what you think, check their about page to see if they have a website and leave a comment there if it’s allowed. If it’s their birthday, take a moment to say a simple “Happy Birthday” and if you feel inspired, leave a poem.
  1.  Beg for donations for yourself from people you never communicate with on a regular basis. (If it’s a charity, or for one of your children, that’s different).
  2.  Remember, you have a wall on your page, so don’t clutter your friends’ walls with your announcements. One post a day, unless you and your friend have an agreement, is all that’s necessary if you’d like to keep that friend. (I have become very good friends with someone who did this to me. In fact, I’m a huge fan, but remember, situations don’t always turn out this way and it can get unfriendly.)
  3.  Don’t instant message someone you don’t communicate with to ask them to follow you on Twitter or ‘Like’ your page. 
  4.  Don’t tag me in a photo I ain’t in and then wear my phone battery down because everyone commenting has gotten emotional about your photo. That’s not fair to have me looking at my phone reading a message saying, “So and So commented on a photo of you,” and getting me excited about a false connection. 
  5. Don’t copy an image from someone’s page and then post it on yours as if it originated from you. Just click the share link. Geez! 
  6. Don’t expect someone to come out and support you and you can’t show up and do the same. In closing, I just want to remind you of this; your creativity, in whatever way you have been blessed to express it, is just a part of who you are, it doesn’t make up the whole. The people you minister to now and in the future, want to experience more of you, so remember to be as candid as possible in your posts and photos. People like transparency so be as transparent as possible. And please, please, PLEASE – Let’s start doing a little more fellowshipping on and offline. You can start here by leaving a comment. Amen?! 
 Please take a moment to visit our site (Notice, I didn’t ask you to buy nothing, but you can take a moment to look around and see what’s over there.)
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Shout outs to all featured in this past Tuesday’s Vlog – Shakina (Kina Da Prophetic Poet) Lewis, Diego Tha GoGetta Fuller, and Articulite Poetry. Shout out also to Serious James who was a guest this past week on The RapFest Show which was U-Streamed. Interview flowed and you all seemed very comfortable around each other.

I’m closing this blog out this week with a dedication video in memory of the late Whitney Houston. May God continue to Bless each and everyone of you.


  1. Thank you lady! Please feel free to re-post and share. Have a very beautiful weekend!

  2. this is so true! i told myself a long time ago that i was not going to be one of those artist that only post , never respond or reply and connect with the people! This is truth and this is what love does!

    1. I thank you so much for coming back to post your comment here Sis.! I am really looking forward to meeting you in person when I come out to Philly this summer. I met a brother offline today (one of my facebook friends) for the first time who was participating in a concert with his choir. It felt good to be able to keep my word and push some of my work out of the way to attend. Yes Lisa...this is what LOVE does...we got to start putting it in practice more.

  3. Thank you all and Arielle Johnson for all you do,we The Terry Price Show got you guys back out here in Dallas Texas,email me your music,drops mp3 format,request for on air interviews,business and more,to donate to our ministry mainstream radio on kvce 1160 am radio sunday@8am go and click donate...check internet live

    1. Hey there Brother Terry. Welcome to my corner of the Blog World. Thank you so much for the shoutout on your program this morning. I'm glad we linked up and I'm looking forward to partnering with you to do some BIG things for the Kingdom of God. I like partnering with people that have drive and are persistent, follow through types of individuals. The graveyard is full of folks who were buried with ideas they never took any action on to make a reality. God Bless you!

  4. Hello All, once again I believe it’s about balance. Yes as an artist people need to know we care and appreciate them for reaching out to us. However, it’s not that easy to build a relationship with over 3,000 friends on the internet. When I think of the life of Jesus, who walked as God in flesh; He could not save everyone. He was close to few and reached out to a few folks. Many people were a fan of Christ, but everyone was not His friends. Being an artist at this level I do respond back and reach out to others. However, it’s in possible to respond to every email, face book post or voice mail. I recalled a quote out of Joyce Meyer's book Approval Addiction “you must pray for favor and let God work on your behalf for those who can’t get to or please." Yes, relationship is the key Jesus did make time to minister, heal and save the lost. As an artist who’s a Christian we should have one motivate; it is to use our talents to bring the lost back to God. That’s the relationship that’s matters the most, not bringing them to us as a fan but to God. Then I believe with the favor of God on our life people will sow into our life. God will touch their hearts. God blessed Kina the prophetic poet

    1. All God expects of any of us is to try and make sacrifices when we are in a position to do so. I know you personally and I know you get a lot of traffic on your page; and no it's not easy or even possible to develop a relationship with everyone. For me, I would like to respond to everyone who posts here, but I know there will come a day when I won't be able to do so. At that point, I will have to try and find another way to maintain closer times with people I've connected with here. Everyone out there, even corporations are doing their best to keep closer relationships with their patrons. I remember getting a response once from Kohl's after I posted how delighted I was to be able to use a $10 coupon they sent to me to buy a pair of shoes because a woman could never have enough pairs of shoes. Out of the many people that posted on their page, they chose to respond to my post for some reason and I would imagine this may be all they are able to do since they can't respond to everyone individually

  5. Hey Sis I like how you just talked all about me in this post .. The good and the bad of me . You always teach me something new or something I already knew and just wasn't doing. Gotta step it up. So I say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and look forwrd to working with you in the future.

    1. You are welcome Brother Jay and I hope you don't take it to hard. This post wasn't directed towards anyone. And to be quite honest with you, I guess what inspired me to write about it is the large number of posts I get on my page from artists stopping by my wall to post a video and never saying anything about themselves or directly to me. I am so thankful for you posting your comment here and I am going to work with you on getting it together. Lol!