Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Key to Viral Videos

So you want your video to go viral? There is no set path to follow to guarantee success, but there are facts to consider which are common across the board for videos that manage to reach that 100,000 mark.
The Christian Artists’ Promo Blog took some time to do the research and even interview the owner of a secular rap music, Youtube video channel, The Black Complex, which posted a number of different videos nearly 8 weeks ago, and now has a total of 25,000,000 views. Several of these videos have close to 200,000 or more, of these, two are of known rappers and one of an unsigned rap group.

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1: So what is it that makes a video go viral?
The Black Complex: It’s not easy, but you have to keep playing around with the tags, title and description.
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1: Could you elaborate please?
The Black Complex: Viewers like to see the words “Official”, “Exclusive”, “Leaked” in the title. These are words they respond to. Also, if the artist video you are trying to promote is remotely similar to any other industry artist who is “Hot” right now, include that artist’s name in your tags and description.
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1:  Well, I think if it were that easy, everyone on Youtube would have one of these words as a part of the title of their video. Right?
The Black Complex: Well…that’s just a small part of it. I spend a lot of time on Youtube sending messages to people asking them to subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment. Youtube ranks videos according to views, comments and likes.
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1: So I guess I need to tell the subscribers of my blog they should be working just as hard at getting likes and comments on their Youtube channel as they do on Facebook.
The Black Complex: That’s right. They have to remember, Youtube is a community too.
One thing I have to say about the owner of this channel is that he is very laid back about how he promotes his channel. Remember to pray over the concept of your video before you create and pray for it to reach your target audience. Stressing over the numbers will not make them come any faster.
Here are some additional tips I discovered:
Pick an interesting thumbnail image
Post your video in Blogs and groups
Remember Friday at noon is considered the perfect time to post a new video
Start an email campaign of your video and encourage your friends and family to forward it
Be creative and humorous (Not possible all the time with the gospel or serious matters, but if you can, get it in there.)
If you can’t get others to comment, comment on your video yourself and open some additional accounts to answer yourself. (This may sound funny, but it’s true. Be sure to remember to like yourself too. (Lol))
Think of a Title That’s Shocking
Use the Google Keyword Tool to find the keywords that are attracting the most hits.
Attach your video as a response to as many videos as possible with similar or related content.
Credits: and, Making a Viral Video: 5 things you need to know

That’s all we got for now. I hope this blog has been helpful to you. Please let us know of your success if you start to notice a difference in the number of hits from methods suggested here. As always, if you haven’t already subscribed, go ahead and do so please. I know many are still stopping by in stealth mode and gathering info and applying it because many of you are showing up in groups you weren’t a part of prior to my posts. More power to you; we will continue to pray for you and your success, but please take a moment to go ahead and subscribe to the channel and by all means, feel free to share this article. To learn more about us, please visit our site at To promote your music, please contact these DJs - Terry Price of the Terry Price Show (KVCE-AM) at 817.231.3583; Dunamis Live at of The Fishbowl Network , Manuel Ringgold of Radio One and Jonathan of J’s Place (WLUV Radio) at 313.618.2270. Keep in mind, you can send text messages to these numbers as well.



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