Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kevin James Schools Indies About Branding in Our Audio Presentation

Ooooooowwwwwweeeee!!!! I know that title burns a little bit (school has probably been out for a while for you), but before you take it there, let me ask you to please take a seat and focus your attention on the front of this chalkboard. Take a moment to look at this picture here. Picture yourself as being the iron, with one time to make an impression. In this case, it won't be an indelible one because I'm willing to bet, someone has already eaten this pretty steak in the picture. (Let's bring it back though.) If you are the iron, then the impression you made upon the steak is your brand. But wait a minute, the steak, or anything else that has your name on it, is your brand. Compare it to having the dag on 'midas touch' on EVERYTHING you touch. It can be anything that has your name on it, because you got that iron, you made an impression (image). Making an impression (imaging) is branding.

Look...we got a chance to catch up with Brother Kevin James, program director of CJB Radio, by phone, and boy was that a very passionate conversation. (We've got an audio clip below, which Kevin was kind enough to submit to us. Yours truly went in there and added a few lines of text to highlight certain things, and VOILA!....We came out with a Masterpiece. We're not talking about Barbeque sauce, so stop thinking about food y'all!)

Before we get into the clip I want to make another comparison to food though. I know, I told you all to stop, and here I am back on the subject of food. Please forgive me...PSYCH! Okay...let me stop playing. Look...I'm from New York City, born in Harlem and raised in the Boogie Down Bronx (right down the street from Yankee Stadium). When I was a little lady, my dad would always buy the Pepperidge Farm Chessman and Milano cookies and we would sit there and eat them with some Vanilla Haagen Dazs ice cream. [If you are from the South, I'm going to have to ask you to stick with me for a minute, because you may not be familiar with these brands. Sorry guys:(   ] Fast forward to today with me walking through the bread section aisle of Walmart and doing a double take when I notice Pepperidge Farms has English Muffins. I didn't have to think twice about trying them out, because Pepperidge Farm reminds me of when I was a little girl; in fact, their slogan was simply, "Pepperidge Farm remembers". now, I've got a big smile on my face and instead of getting one to try out, I get two bags. Why? Because "Pepperidge Farm remembers" - they touched upon something inside of me which evoked pleasant memories of my childhood. Now Bey Bey...when I dropped those babies in the toaster and lathered them up with some Crunchy Peanut Butter drizzled with Raw Honey, you couldn't tell me I hadn't died and gone up to the Upper Room for a few minutes. So now the following week, I'm in the aisles knocking other brands out of the way and dropping them on the floor because I couldn't find my PEPPERIDGE FARMS English Muffins; to my disgust, one of the workers suggested I try Orowheat by Mrs. Bairds, to which I replied, "I didn't grow up with Mrs. Bairds, don't know her and I'm not interested in meeting her now. Where is my PEPPERIDGE FARM?????? !!!!!!  Wahhhhhhhh!!!!! Eventually, after my mumbo jumbo rant about there being a conspiracy and the Mrs. Bairds workers stealing the Pepperidge Farm products or pushing them all the way to the back of the shelf, the worker got me the 800 number to customer service for Walmart. You know I called and told on them and my muffins were back on the shelf the following week.

I know towards the end here, I started getting into "brand loyalty", but I hope this helps you understand a little better, what Branding is all about. Please try to extrapolate to make the connection. You're not food, but what is it about you that people love so much, they will pass up others to get to your product or even protest to make sure they can get it? When you figure that out, trust me, you will have this thing NAILED! Be sure to watch the video below, because Kevin James is going to speak to you in music industry terms. Please enjoy!

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Now look peoples, the man said you can reach out to him and ask questions. So don't be shy, give him a Shout out and let him know you appreciate him sharing the REAL DEAL about the industry.

Look....I'm out, about to go toast one of those muffins for a snack. God Bless you all until the next time!
 Written by Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

If you would like to have your music played on CJBOnline Radio, please contact Brother James at  Also, Brother Ron, who goes by the name of DJ Ronnie Ron and is also affiliated with the station has a Hip-Hop Praise show and is seeking mp3s for his rotation. Feel free to reach out to him at or call him at 336.289.9528.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Video Promo for Our Cable Television Show

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Ye Have Not, Because Ye Ask Not!"

Before you are mislead by the image, let me explain why it is being used for this Blog today. There are things in life, one cannot attach a dollar amount figure to, and what one man values, another may purposely and quickly devalue without a moment of further contemplation in a matter of seconds.

Back in the day, B.C. , (back in the day REAL, REAL, OLE SKOOL Day I'm talking), Queen Sheba traveled a great distance to meet King Solomon in person and she didn't show up empty handed either. She came bearing gifts. Valuable gifts. Nothing off the clearance rack or from a Fire Sale. She was inspired by reports she received of his wisdom and wealth. Before Christ, it was common for people to gift people simply because they had a respect for the "hard to find - rare/uncommon" talent they discovered in others. We're talking about intellectual and artistic talents.

If we fast forward ourselves to the 21st Century A.D. (Good Lord), we are quick to tell someone that an individual or group has the anointing, but unless we are damn near coerced into giving God's anointed what they need to get ahead, it won't happen. Why? Our value system has changed. I guess you can go so far as to say, our value system has been devalued. Ha!

Yesterday, I received an open invitation to join a new open facebook group. The same day, moments after commenting, my comment was removed and the group was shut down. When it was resurrected, it was resurrected as a closed group. Basically, my name "Arielle", was entered in a post about someone being troubled about artists not showing their business any love after the business offered them some free publicity/promotion. In my response, I simply stated the obvious, "Did you ask them to return the favor?" And if not, consider making it a criteria, i.e. - Posting of your show's flyer on their site, asking them to Tweet about their appearance on the show, sending an announcement down their email list, etc. It's called Cross Promotion, but it goes back to the title of the blog. You didn't get it because you didn't ask for it. If you do your due diligence, you will find there are forums out here on the web that have already addressed this type of issue. And there is a consensus. People in this day an age, with their over booked schedules, need direction.

To my Artists --- Set the expectation before you plan your event, and put the word out there. Let people know there are other ways they can help in promoting you and your ministry, if they are not able to pay for your product. Set a goal for the number of cds and shirts you would like to sell, but offer other options for those who either may not be able to attend or can't afford to attend and walk away with one of your items. Don't get P'd off when at the end of the event, you are struggling to lift that box of 500 cds because you only sold 10. You had the people thinking you made out good because it cost $10 dollars for them to get in. Maybe you should have told them the venue cost $1,000.

Ask and you shall receive. And that goes for asking of our heavenly Father as well as the Mortals who live among us.

I would like to give a ShoutOut to gospel recording artist Mr. J, from the Islands of The Bahamas for this Promo Video. This my friends was a gift. I didn't ask for it, it was offered. (I did inquire about it a couple of times after it appeared to be' Lost' - LOL!) And I know he's reading this because he tunes in here regularly. We don't speak very often, but he understands the power of cross promotion.

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Okay... really, I'm out for now. Remember, try to do one nice thing for someone, at least once a day, for which you are not seeking anything in return.You will be blessed with an unimaginable abundance of wealth.
Written by Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Managers' Response to the 'Help I Need Management' Blog Posted Last Month

First of all, the picture posted above is from the Singers Room Online Magazine. Pictured above is Gospel Recording Artist, Leon Timbo, with his manager Tyrese.

Before we get into the blog, I must mention, before you read further, ABSOLUTELY, NO ONE, CLAPPED BACK, or fired shots from either side. We are here to educate one another.

Over the past week, I had the pleasure of interviewing four managers of independent christian artists. (I too, am a manager, and will offer my own commentary at the end of this blog). I came up with the idea to do this blog after realizing, many of the artists and professionals who are kind enough to read this blog, are interested in putting their hands on the most up to date information they can receive, from as many bonafide professionals as possible.

We spoke with the following Artist Managers: Ronald Smith a.k.a. DJ RonnieRon, Internet and Terrestrial Radio Personality and DJ with Hip-Hop Praize, Rodney Greene of Greenelyte Entertainment, Manager of Dezzie, Syndicated Radio Personality on Radio One's Philly Praise 103.69 and Praize 100.9 of Charlotte, NC, and Gospel Recording Artist, Ian James, Minister/Artist Manager/Booking Agent/Graphic Designer of Harpazo Graphix, and Jay Williams of Ja-Quon Productions, Manager and Proud Husband of Indie Gospel Recording Artist, Michelle Williams. All have different managing principles that make them unique, but all of their ideas overlap when it comes to the basics. Let's start with the basics before we get into the details of the conversation I had with each of the mangers.

  • As an artist, you should have something to manage before you start hollering for help.
  • Learn as much about the business side of the industry before bringing someone on board.
  • Remember this cannot be done with out a team. Who are your players?
  • Your success in the business doesn't rest between your fingertips and the posting area of Facebook.
  • In a world dominated by Social Media, old-fashioned marketing techniques, still go a a long way. 
  • Last, but not least - BE REASONABLE AND REALISTIC when setting goals for success in this industry.
Summary of Advice to Up and Coming Artists

Ronald Smith - Hip-Hop Praize
Sit down some where and get your goals in order. Don't put the cart before the horse when organizing your goals.  Keep in mind, no one wants to babysit an artist. If after coming to an agreement about a plan of action to achieve discussed goals, you as an artist does not follow through, keep in mind, there are other artists who are marketable and waiting for a real manager with skills to take them on. They may have someone as a stand in now, but as soon as someone appears with a high-powered track record, if they want that success bad enough, they will ask to be added to that manager's roster. This can cause you to be dropped from the roster for being negligent.

Marketing of an artist requires money, and unless you are signed to a major label, there are no advances for wardrobe and travel. Make sure you learn how to budget your money, because traditionally, it does not come from the manager. Management is a business, and there are fees, but artist management is the type of business that is hard to put a price on. Countless hours are invested in artists because "honest" managers believe in you.   Hip-Hop Praize Show Times

Rodney Greene - Greenelyte Entertainment
Managing artists is a very time consuming job. Before you say you need management, make sure you have something to manage. If you are not willing, at some point to do a Promo tour, which you finance yourself, then there will be an artist/management disagreement. Every gig cannot be a paying Gig, if you are not known. Respect the importance of Branding. Study the market to find an opening for your craft. Identify your differences, as opposed to comparing yourself to other popular artists in your field. Remember, in the world of social media that you are Branding yourself online, as well as in person. Post pictures and videos often, but most of all make sure you have at least one recent set of professional photos and one professional video. Do not go out in public looking awful, and don't post when you are in panic mode. Your fans don't want to know that you find it hard to believe, the man you dated for 3 years decided to propose to someone else. Facebook meltdowns are not allowed.

Ian James - Harpazo Graphix
The manager's role is to help keep you organized. If the manager is your booking manager, then he or she will also help to get you bookings. Please have yourself packaged when you approach someone about managing you. Have something that can be used to secure a booking with an organization that has never had the pleasure of experiencing what you have to offer in person. Keep in mind, every time you turn down a gig, especially a paying one, it starts to break down the relationship between you and your manager. On the other end of that, have a Backbone. Don't be a 'Yes' man or woman. It can cause the manager to lose interest in managing you. ADVICE TO MANAGERS - Make sure you create multiple streams of income instead of relying solely on what you project the artist you are managing can bring in.

Jay WilliamsJa-Quon Productions
Make sure, the manager you bring on has a PASSION for managing YOU! With Social Media, there is a lot of hustling that goes into managing. There are a lot of internet managers out there who are managing artists just to have a title. They recognize areas for improvement, but they are not willing to go all the way with you. Maximize every opportunity - "Go hard or go home". After doing a show, if you have folks walking up to you asking who did the production on your track, you know you are a part of a team that can take you places. And please, please, get the thought out of your head of being picked up by a MAJOR record label. There is just as much money out here for the independent artist and even more. Get out there and hit the studio hard, invest in yourself - photographs, video, wardrobe, traveling expenses. The gospel industry is not a microwave industry. Every gig will not be a paying  gig, but each one is an opportunity to share your gift with others and network. When it comes to product sales, it's okay to give away something when it comes to your project, but why would you give away the whole thing? Start introducing potential fans to snippets. If they want it bad enough, they will buy it. Start recouping the expenses you invested in your project. And last but not least ADVICE TO MANAGER'S OF THEIR OWN SPOUSES - Don't let your spouse or wife travel without you (if you can help it). This may be the gospel industry, but the same infidelity exists in this arena. If someone tries to push up on your husband or wife, regardless of how much clout they have, introduce yourself to the semi-private meeting and demonstrate, rather than say, your spouse is already taken. Just remember to Pray, Pray Again, and Pray All Over Again. God will see you through. Contact Jay Williams here on Facebook.

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1 - UGTKONation
I really hate to write and post anything after reading Jay's advice, but I will say this, make sure you have your communication rules for success worked out. If you want a manager, let the manager manage. You should not be having side conversations, that have to be reiterated, so the manager can get in on it the second time around. Some promoters get mad when they discover it will be a 3-way split instead of just 2 ways. Lol!

God Bless each and everyone of you. I will be updating this Blog, with additional links to the managers introduced to you in this blog. As always, towards the end, we ask for several things, so here goes: 1) STOP PLAYING AND JOIN THE BLOG! The numbers of people around the country and world hitting up the site do not match up with the number of people who have joined the site. They are soooooo far off.  2) Do you see that video bar to the right? if not, scroll down a little bit. It says UGTKONation Channel above it for Youtube. Please click it, and subscribe to our channel. The videos are awesome for quick pick me ups, and we are constantly adding more. 3) Reach out to the managers with questions. 4) If you have a video you would like to have broadcast on cable television free of charge, reach out to us via this Facebook page. Once you get here, click on the NOTES section and then read the top note, Worldwide Christian Talent Search. 5) Follow us on Twitter @UGTKONation for inspirational quotes and more.  Thank you.

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Monday, July 2, 2012

"Tweetology 101 - Tweet, Ask for Followers and Follow Back!!"

Whoa...I was so focused on getting this blog together this morning, that I almost forgot to get my tweet out there. Okay...I'm back on track now.

Just by a show of hands, I would like to know, how many of you (artists, managers, promoters, musicians, and really any involved with the arts/entertainment industry) are tweeting 5-7 times per week? Hmmmm....just like I thought. Not everyone. this blog, I am going to lay out the very basics and explain why it's important to tweet. Additionally, I will also discuss the importance of asking for followers and following back.

We live in a world where people love having the most up to date information and motivational quotes at their fingertips. We also LOVE being able to share the information rapidly. Different social media platforms allow us to do this, however, Twitter, with its character limitations can best be described as a mini-blogging outlet. However, with the shortening of urls and you being the creative person you are, you can WORK IT.

Last week, my artist Kina the Prophetic Poet and I were asking our friends and group associates to Vote for Kina. Tyler Perry set up a page on Youtube and was accepting submissions for an opportunity to be in one of his movies. Immediately after sending out a Tweet to get folks to cast their vote for Kina, I received a message from a Twitter follower and friend, Nikki Swanson Wagner, stating that she just voted for my artist.

Twitter, like Facebook, displays a feed in Realtime. As soon as the posts/statuses are released, unless you have restricted an individual from your feed, you will be able to view it, or gloss over it if it does not fully capture your attention. If it's a really hot announcement, your followers will retweet. In our case, many of my followers failed to retweet, because they were working on getting themselves in the Tyler Perry movie and not Kina. LOL! However, if you have some really hot retweetable content, go ahead and post it. This is how I have gained many of my "Followers" on Twitter. I'll post one of my thoughts, and people like it. If you don't believe it, check it out @UGTKONation . I've been retweeted and followed because of the content. (And profile too, so make sure yours is up to par). The same applies to you. (Many businesses have gotten themselves in trouble because of the retweet feature. They tweet a promo and send out the timeframe, but then run out of product. Make sure you can deliver on your promises) Say for instance a fast food company puts out there that they are giving out free ice cream shakes from 12-3 p.m., no purchase necessary, and you're on your lunch break down the road, when you get the retweet in your feed because you are following my friend Nikki. Although she may not have planned it, her tweet was right on time, because now you're doubling back to get an ice cream shake before they run out. And then you retweet after you made sure you got yours. Just imagine how many people retweet when they came across something they feel has a value. So unless you are just sharing with friends, make sure your tweets are valuable. And do your best to remain as business like as possible. "Tweetettiquette" says you shouldn't be tweeting about not knowing how you are going to pay your energy bill, which has gone through the roof because of the heatwave we're experiencing.

Why you should Follow other Folks
If you have gotten this far, you should continue reading because this is where it gets real good. How can you expect to have followers and you aren't following anyone? Wake up folks. It works a little different in the industry with the folks at the top of the food chain. If someone is following you, follow back, unless of course it's just someone totally random, i.e., a baseball collector, an entomologist (one who studies insects (You may even wonder why they are following you. Maybe you look like a beetle. LOL! Who knows?!)). The main idea is this, if you are not following anyone, how do you expect to show up in anyone's feed? Let's do this today....your friends you know of to have Twitter accounts, get their Twitter names and start following them. If it takes making some calls, just do it! The folks who are already following you, be sure to follow them back. If you click on Followers from the home page, it will be very easy to see who is following you.

Some tools available to maximize your Twitter experience:
1) Use the Search Option on Twitter to LOCATE OPPORTUNITIES, i.e. Gospel artists submissions
2) Sign up for GOOGLE ALERTS to find out what people are saying about you and/or your company
3) Through Twitter, sign up for your Tweets to appear on Followers phones as texts messages
4) Go to to find famous industry people to follow

After you've done all that, please send me a Tweet from your homepage by typing in" @UGTKONation we love your blog". This way, I will know you got this far. No...I'm just joking, you can simply follow if you wish, but if this blog has been helpful to you, I feel you really ought to, if not, since all this info is free, YOU CAN DO THIS FOR US----PLEASE:

When and if you get some more time, go to to read their article entitled: "Five Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing, That You Might Not Know About" more thing, we are still looking for artists video submissions, follow this link for more information. Click on the NOTES section when you get there. Message me from there for more info or you can text or call 214.779.2097.

Alright, that's all I got for today. Have an awesome day! God Bless you. Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1