Monday, July 2, 2012

"Tweetology 101 - Tweet, Ask for Followers and Follow Back!!"

Whoa...I was so focused on getting this blog together this morning, that I almost forgot to get my tweet out there. Okay...I'm back on track now.

Just by a show of hands, I would like to know, how many of you (artists, managers, promoters, musicians, and really any involved with the arts/entertainment industry) are tweeting 5-7 times per week? Hmmmm....just like I thought. Not everyone. this blog, I am going to lay out the very basics and explain why it's important to tweet. Additionally, I will also discuss the importance of asking for followers and following back.

We live in a world where people love having the most up to date information and motivational quotes at their fingertips. We also LOVE being able to share the information rapidly. Different social media platforms allow us to do this, however, Twitter, with its character limitations can best be described as a mini-blogging outlet. However, with the shortening of urls and you being the creative person you are, you can WORK IT.

Last week, my artist Kina the Prophetic Poet and I were asking our friends and group associates to Vote for Kina. Tyler Perry set up a page on Youtube and was accepting submissions for an opportunity to be in one of his movies. Immediately after sending out a Tweet to get folks to cast their vote for Kina, I received a message from a Twitter follower and friend, Nikki Swanson Wagner, stating that she just voted for my artist.

Twitter, like Facebook, displays a feed in Realtime. As soon as the posts/statuses are released, unless you have restricted an individual from your feed, you will be able to view it, or gloss over it if it does not fully capture your attention. If it's a really hot announcement, your followers will retweet. In our case, many of my followers failed to retweet, because they were working on getting themselves in the Tyler Perry movie and not Kina. LOL! However, if you have some really hot retweetable content, go ahead and post it. This is how I have gained many of my "Followers" on Twitter. I'll post one of my thoughts, and people like it. If you don't believe it, check it out @UGTKONation . I've been retweeted and followed because of the content. (And profile too, so make sure yours is up to par). The same applies to you. (Many businesses have gotten themselves in trouble because of the retweet feature. They tweet a promo and send out the timeframe, but then run out of product. Make sure you can deliver on your promises) Say for instance a fast food company puts out there that they are giving out free ice cream shakes from 12-3 p.m., no purchase necessary, and you're on your lunch break down the road, when you get the retweet in your feed because you are following my friend Nikki. Although she may not have planned it, her tweet was right on time, because now you're doubling back to get an ice cream shake before they run out. And then you retweet after you made sure you got yours. Just imagine how many people retweet when they came across something they feel has a value. So unless you are just sharing with friends, make sure your tweets are valuable. And do your best to remain as business like as possible. "Tweetettiquette" says you shouldn't be tweeting about not knowing how you are going to pay your energy bill, which has gone through the roof because of the heatwave we're experiencing.

Why you should Follow other Folks
If you have gotten this far, you should continue reading because this is where it gets real good. How can you expect to have followers and you aren't following anyone? Wake up folks. It works a little different in the industry with the folks at the top of the food chain. If someone is following you, follow back, unless of course it's just someone totally random, i.e., a baseball collector, an entomologist (one who studies insects (You may even wonder why they are following you. Maybe you look like a beetle. LOL! Who knows?!)). The main idea is this, if you are not following anyone, how do you expect to show up in anyone's feed? Let's do this today....your friends you know of to have Twitter accounts, get their Twitter names and start following them. If it takes making some calls, just do it! The folks who are already following you, be sure to follow them back. If you click on Followers from the home page, it will be very easy to see who is following you.

Some tools available to maximize your Twitter experience:
1) Use the Search Option on Twitter to LOCATE OPPORTUNITIES, i.e. Gospel artists submissions
2) Sign up for GOOGLE ALERTS to find out what people are saying about you and/or your company
3) Through Twitter, sign up for your Tweets to appear on Followers phones as texts messages
4) Go to to find famous industry people to follow

After you've done all that, please send me a Tweet from your homepage by typing in" @UGTKONation we love your blog". This way, I will know you got this far. No...I'm just joking, you can simply follow if you wish, but if this blog has been helpful to you, I feel you really ought to, if not, since all this info is free, YOU CAN DO THIS FOR US----PLEASE:

When and if you get some more time, go to to read their article entitled: "Five Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing, That You Might Not Know About" more thing, we are still looking for artists video submissions, follow this link for more information. Click on the NOTES section when you get there. Message me from there for more info or you can text or call 214.779.2097.

Alright, that's all I got for today. Have an awesome day! God Bless you. Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

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