Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Ye Have Not, Because Ye Ask Not!"

Before you are mislead by the image, let me explain why it is being used for this Blog today. There are things in life, one cannot attach a dollar amount figure to, and what one man values, another may purposely and quickly devalue without a moment of further contemplation in a matter of seconds.

Back in the day, B.C. , (back in the day REAL, REAL, OLE SKOOL Day I'm talking), Queen Sheba traveled a great distance to meet King Solomon in person and she didn't show up empty handed either. She came bearing gifts. Valuable gifts. Nothing off the clearance rack or from a Fire Sale. She was inspired by reports she received of his wisdom and wealth. Before Christ, it was common for people to gift people simply because they had a respect for the "hard to find - rare/uncommon" talent they discovered in others. We're talking about intellectual and artistic talents.

If we fast forward ourselves to the 21st Century A.D. (Good Lord), we are quick to tell someone that an individual or group has the anointing, but unless we are damn near coerced into giving God's anointed what they need to get ahead, it won't happen. Why? Our value system has changed. I guess you can go so far as to say, our value system has been devalued. Ha!

Yesterday, I received an open invitation to join a new open facebook group. The same day, moments after commenting, my comment was removed and the group was shut down. When it was resurrected, it was resurrected as a closed group. Basically, my name "Arielle", was entered in a post about someone being troubled about artists not showing their business any love after the business offered them some free publicity/promotion. In my response, I simply stated the obvious, "Did you ask them to return the favor?" And if not, consider making it a criteria, i.e. - Posting of your show's flyer on their site, asking them to Tweet about their appearance on the show, sending an announcement down their email list, etc. It's called Cross Promotion, but it goes back to the title of the blog. You didn't get it because you didn't ask for it. If you do your due diligence, you will find there are forums out here on the web that have already addressed this type of issue. And there is a consensus. People in this day an age, with their over booked schedules, need direction.

To my Artists --- Set the expectation before you plan your event, and put the word out there. Let people know there are other ways they can help in promoting you and your ministry, if they are not able to pay for your product. Set a goal for the number of cds and shirts you would like to sell, but offer other options for those who either may not be able to attend or can't afford to attend and walk away with one of your items. Don't get P'd off when at the end of the event, you are struggling to lift that box of 500 cds because you only sold 10. You had the people thinking you made out good because it cost $10 dollars for them to get in. Maybe you should have told them the venue cost $1,000.

Ask and you shall receive. And that goes for asking of our heavenly Father as well as the Mortals who live among us.

I would like to give a ShoutOut to gospel recording artist Mr. J, from the Islands of The Bahamas for this Promo Video. This my friends was a gift. I didn't ask for it, it was offered. (I did inquire about it a couple of times after it appeared to be' Lost' - LOL!) And I know he's reading this because he tunes in here regularly. We don't speak very often, but he understands the power of cross promotion.

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Okay... really, I'm out for now. Remember, try to do one nice thing for someone, at least once a day, for which you are not seeking anything in return.You will be blessed with an unimaginable abundance of wealth.
Written by Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

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