Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Attorney Debra Rainey Addresses the Angry Artist Who Didn't Get It in Writing

Forgive me people, but it's not that easy for me to let things like this go. It gets under my skin and is very irritating. Arguments and disagreements can be avoided with the proper paperwork. And if for some reason, your papers aren't "proper", a simple email or word document would be better than just trying to wing it and hope for the best. If you read this blog regularly, then you got Google right at your fingertips. Use it! Geesh!

Recently, a sponsor of one of my events try to back out of the deal at the last minute. She acted as if I had hypnotized her over the phone with my voice and made her say, YES, to the amount of money I requested. Thank God, over the years I have learned to shut my trap and listen, instead of mouthing off and asking if she had a fever or something. I'm an email filing away packrat, so you know I had our email conversations and a copy of the sponsorship letter attached to one of the previous emails she responded to with the YES! As soon as I forwarded to her, her fever went away and she was well again. Amen! I was happy that she pulled on through. (Lol!)

As I mentioned to you before,towards the end of 8/1/2012 post entitled, "Indies: Wipe Away Your Crocodile Tears and Get a Contract Next Time" our plan was to come back with an attorney's response to the "Angry Artist" we introduced you to on the same day. But before we get into Attorney Debra Rainey's response, I have to get my Keith Sweat on and ask you to do the following: G+1 this blog to the right and down below, towards the end, hit the JOIN button over there to the right with all the happy faces, Follow us on Twitter, then tweet us to let us know we need to follow you back, Like us on Facebook, and Subscribe to our awesome Youtube channel!

Disclaimer: Attorney Debra Rainey is not your individual lawyer and is providing LEGAL INFORMATION as a response as opposed to LEGAL ADVICE. debra@debraraineylaw.com

Okay...here is an excerpt of what the "Angry Artist" sent to us several weeks ago:

"Too many artists are being ripped off by people wanting to take advantage of them by videotaping them illegally and not getting us to fill out a consent form, and then make it hard to request a copy of the footage! Ain’t that a biscuit! Proper protocol is that if you videotape someone, you need to have them sign some kind of talent release form that states that you are not going to sell them for profit. Actually, it’s the law and will hold up in civil court. The law is not going to allow you to make a profit off of someone else’s talent. More Artists need to learn how the law can protect you and learn to make smarter choices. Everybody who comes to you in Jesus Name is not about doing the right thing nor doing right by you all the time. You should not be paying for a copy of video footage from somebody you did not hire as your videographer. You have every right to take them to court so document meetings, phone calls, texts, so if you do have to file, you have your evidence about how you attempted to get the footage."

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Well, that's all I have for you at 1:00 in the morning. I pray God Blesses you until the next time we meet.

Love ya!
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  1. You are quite welcome. If you have any legal concerns, feel free to leave us a voice message, and we'll be sure to address it. Blessings and have a safe and happy weekend.
    Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1