Thursday, August 30, 2012

Disappointed Designer Didn't Get It in Writing; Attorney Debra Rainey to the Rescue Again!!!

Yes, this is a long one, so I suggest you sit yourself down somewhere so you can read and listen to everything! PLEASE take notes. 

Last Sunday, yes, on the Lord’s day, I received a comment on the blog entitled, “Indies: Wipe Away Your Crocodile Tears and Get a Contract Next Time”.  In so many words, the lady mentioned the situation I described in the blog, happened to her on a different level. I immediately friended her and in a matter of minutes, she outlined the matter, but at the end, capped it off with, “I’m okay with it in my spirit. I wish I read your blog before it all happened, but I still feel as though our meeting was ordained by God.”

I’m going to tell you what happened, but before I do so, I just want to say, we need your help because we want to see another 10,000 hits on this blog before the year closes. There are two G+ buttons up in here people!!!!!!  (Hmmmm…reminds me of a song. Y’all gon make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here. LOL! (Sigh…I Digress----But, let’s get back on topic!)) Yes…I will need you to click on those. If you don’t have a Google+ profile, you can click until you get carpal tunnel, and it won’t happen for you or me.  Please create a profile over there. Thank you! Click the Share link on the right for Facebook and Twitter.  (Don’t be Greedy. Tell a friend.) Geez…y’all ought to be tired of me giving you the extended tour every time you come to the blog. Last, but definitely not least, click the JOIN button and Friend me on Facebook

So this is what happened.  The designer never made a contract of any sort with anyone from an internationally known gospel artist’s camp, however says she was contacted by his image consultant with a request to create 3 custom pieces.  Out the gate, on the creation tip, she has spent $150 of HER OWN MONEY! No guarantee – just a request to make them to POSSIBLY gain their biz.  Instead of going with what the designer made, folks from his camp told her they would go with something more basic which was about 75% cheaper than what she had invested, resulting in LOSS #1.

Now with the success of the cheaper item, although monies were lost, there is a request to do a fancier hat for the famous Christian artist. No direction was given to the designer but to design whatever she felt would be appropriate, but after it was sent in (all this is Fedex, again on the designer’s dime) she gets the, “This wasn’t what I was picturing for the artist,” type of response to her design. In an effort to be in good grace with the artist, and promote her brand in conjunction with the artist’s image and numerous photo ops, the young lady AGAIN mails in another hat, this time supposedly, for a “LIVE RECORDING”. The phone hasn’t rung for two weeks. LOSSES #2 & #3.

The disappointed designer says, during the entire time, she never spoke with the artist. It was always the back up singer/image consultant doing the talking. The designer is now upset saying she never even got a shout out on her FB fan page, on an Instagram or even a Tweet or blog mention. 

Okay, I’m about to share these two, very thorough responses in video form. The first is brought to us by Renee Norris-Jones who has had an illustrious professional career as a manufacturer of handcrafted gift items that have sold worldwide. Some of her past clients have included Oprah, and the theatrical production of Phantom of the Opera. Presently, she is the business manager of Debra Rainey Law, located in Pennsylvania and the Producer of the "For the People" legal information talk show at which airs on Tuesdays from 8-9 p.m. Over the years, Renee has always found time to dedicate countless hours to small businesses, to assist them with understanding the nature of their businesses and making them more profitable. In addition to being an online instructor, for the School of Design, Renee is also studying full-time for her Ph.D. (Renee also holds a BS in Accounting and Marketing and a Masters in Interior Architecture from Drexel University).'s Attorney Debra Rainey the "Compassionate Attorney" again with the legal information our subscriber should have had before all of this happened. 

Thank you again Renee and Debra! Our subscribers are very thankful for you sharing your expertise with us. Blessings to all!
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

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