Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Conference Calls with Signed Gospel Artists

I have been getting a lot of inquiries about this weekly event since I posted it for the first time yesterday, on my Facebook wall. As you can see, from the gigantic flyer, THIS IS HUGE!!!! Look...let me stop playing and get straight to the point. Honestly, I have been knowing about this weekly call for several months, so I am guilty of keeping mum. Now before you condemn me, and demand I be burned at the stake twice and then refried, please hear me out! First I'll address your immediate concerns, then get up close and personal with you about why I kept it to myself.

Yes...both David & Tamela Mann are scheduled to be on the October 2nd Tuesday night call; and with this coming Tuesday night being Marketing and Promotions night, I strongly suggest you try calling in as early as possible. Please note, previous calls, at their peak, have recorded as many as 270 callers on the line AT THE SAME TIME!!!! (LOL!!!!! I've been itching to say that and no, I'm not well. Some of you will get it, but many of you will look around and say it's corny because you missed it.) No...David and Tamela will not be on the phone with you throughout the night and early morning answering your questions, and one more thing, everyone on the line may not have an opportunity to promote their current project, so again, I reiterate, BE ON TIME!!!!

The "Let's Talk Gospel Conference Call"  was founded in April 2011 by Jay Williams, "The Gospel Kid". His vision was to create an easily accessible environment to foster truthful and meaningful dialogue between established artists and industry professionals, and anyone else with the desire to be in their position one day. Signed artists would drop golden nuggets of information on the callers without sugar-coating any of it and the callers would apply what they learned on the call to their current situations. You can consider it a mentoring program, if you will, without the hand holding, and threat of being kicked out for not doing your part. The plan then, as it stands today, is to network and educate, for ministry growth.

Past artists who have been on the call have included, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Pastor John P. Kee, Earnest Pugh, Lexi, William McDowell, Vashawn Mitchell, Keith Wonderboy Johnson, Melvin Crispell, Joshua Rogers, and many more. When you get on the call, you will see how appreciative and thankful, many of the indie artists are, who actually have an opportunity to ask a burning question they have on their hearts and dialogue with them. As I was interviewing Sis. Yolanda Johnson, one of the team members of the "Let's Talk Gospel Conference Call", she mentioned to me, "When artists are trying to make it to the next level, they need to get with someone who is already there, or at least on the way." This call definitely makes it possible. Having established artists on the line makes your dream appear to be more tangible. And even if you don't get to ask your question on the call, more than likely, someone else on the call will ask it for you. Why? Because many indie artists are seeking the same information as you!

Now wait a minute, before we get into me, one more thing I want to mention to you is that there are usually a ton of radio personalities, and radio station program directors on the line giving out there personal info so you may reach them directly. I said that so you will be sure to be near a computer or at least have a notepad with you when you call in. All of the radio people don't call in from week-to-week, but every time I've listened in, someone new to me is on the line. Isn't it cool to be able to tell the radio announcer to look out for your project on a call as opposed to one out of hundreds of emails? IT'S MORE PERSONAL! AND IT'S ABOUT MINISTRY. THEY ARE THERE TO HELP YOU ALONG THE WAY!

Before I get to me, if this is not your first time here, you already know how I'm going to do you now. This is where I go off on a tangent, and let you know how you can support this Blog WITHOUT ANY MONEY! First, please click that JOIN button on the right, and then click the G+1 BUTTON ABOVE IT AND AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BLOG. Subscribe to our YOUTUBE for special stuffies, gifts and prizes and such and LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. And ohhhhhh....let's be FACEBOOK FRIENDS.

Well something you'll realize about me, probably after we become FB friends is, I believe a lot of folks are just plain lazy and lack self-motivation, therefore, why mention it, when the person is going to make excuses about being able to get on the call anyway. The day you decide to take that initial step to dial the "Let's Talk Gospel Conference Call" numbers, could be a very PIVOTAL point in your gospel career. I also see a lot of folks, cutting corners daily to avoid sowing into their ministries to package themselves properly. How many times are we going to use the old adage, "If I can just touch one soul, my job is done,"? Your job is only done, when you've sacrificed something of great value, to put yourself in the position to touch numerous lives. It makes no sense for me to be scratching my head and saying to myself, "Wow, this girl sound just like Mahalia Jackson! How can it be no one knows who she is?"

I've shared this conference call with quite a few people, but they have always been people I've categorized as being consistent with the promotion of their ministry. Now for those friends of mine I found on the call the first night I called in, who were not first time callers, SHAME ON Y'ALL for leaving me to find this awesome info on my own. You all know what I'm about, and we're still cool, sort of; I'll just have to ask the Lord to remove those words in the back of my mind that were never spoken, but always there whenever we speak, (hand on hip, with head tilted to the opposite side) "NO SHE DIDN'T!!!!"

Look....let's start fresh, since I'm putting this out there now. Do me a huge favor, and just be on the call on Tuesday nite. We're going to have a great time and I promise you, you will meet some very wonderful and awesome people who are already well known, as well as those grinding hard, daily, to get there. In addition to being on the call, if there are some loose ends concerning your ministry, you know need to be tied up, go into prayer about it and then get on the battlefield. There's a lot of healing needed in the world RIGHT NOW; you don't have as much time as you think; you MUST get it together.

Alright, I'm getting out of here now. See you on the Conference Call on Tuesday! Here's the short link to share the flyer with a friend.

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, tomorrow evening, Sunday, September 30th, there will be a Special Appreciation Service for Apostle Darrell Yancey at the Kingdom Covenant Church, located at 10960 Rockstone Dr., Balch Springs, TX at 6:00 p.m. This brother can really sing, and you know appreciation service usually means other people singing a lot of the time, but I'll be honest, I'm praying he sings for us. I wouldn't care if he got up there and sang, "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Y'all know Gods been good to me", I'll consider it to be a Blessing to be in there. Look...if you are in the area, don't play. Come on out and have fun in the Lord.

Brand New radio station is looking for music and spoken word. Check out KEBN Radio
On Twitter they are @KEBNradio

Get set for one of the biggest educational and networking events of the year! The Texas GAG will be celebrating its 23rd Anniversary, right here in Dallas, TX Nov.22-24. Please don't be waiting around until the last minute; we might as well be in October already with it just being a few days away. You already know how it goes; if you don't plan now, you won't be there. We'd hate to see you left out, so please REGISTER! For further details CLICK HERE

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Amazing Indie Gospel Artist LaTonya Earl Talks to the Blog

The first time I met Sis. LaTonya R. Earl was on the "Let's Talk Gospel" Conference Call. Like the rest of us on the line, Sis. Earl was waiting patiently for an opportunity to share her ministry and network with other callers. By the way, Sister Earl is an AWESOME, dynamic vocalist; however, initially, I had no way of knowing this, because it was my first time hearing her name mentioned on the call. (Yes, I know it's sad, for someone like myself who tries hard to keep up with everything and everyone; but somehow, this soon to be world-renowned artist slipped past me.) Well, before she could even speak, she was being praised by the SOGN Radio network , for holding down the #1 spot on the station's Top 20 countdown of the week. In fact, she doesn't look like she will be coming down anytime soon. She is definitely hanging in there with some of the greats. If you don't believe it, take a look, and you will find Pastor John P. Kee, directly below her in the #2 position. (By the way, you can help Sis. Earl remain in the #1 position by texting her name and the song "I Run to You" to 251.298.7646).

The second time I met the lovely Sis. Earl was at the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards in  Rowlett, Texas. She participated in the competition, and I was one of the judges, but trust me, it really wasn't a competition at all. It was clear to see, in comparison to the other contestants, Sis. Earl fell in the category of "seasoned professional". I had no choice, but to give her a perfect score all across the board. But, not only that, almost everyone in the sanctuary rose to their feet, and waved their arms high above in worship. All of the judges were on their feet high fiving each other (including me), as she amazed us with her talent. I'm pretty sure we all walked away thinking to ourselves, we had an opportunity to experience the next great gospel talent on the rise, before she blows up!!!!

But on a more serious note, during her performance, Sis. Earl, was forced to take a chair to prevent herself from becoming over-exhausted. You see, Sis. Earl suffered her 3rd migraine stroke on March 30, 2012. The left side of her body was weakened, which made it very difficult to walk. However, by August, she regained her strength. God performed some miracles in his faithful servant's life. In addition to healing her, he introduced her to the SOGN Radio Network and promoted her to the #1 spot.

Below is a brief conversation we had with Sis. Earl, followed by her music video so you can hear her for yourself. was very easy to speak with Sis. LaTonya Earl for this interview. We wish her continued success on her journey and a long, healthy life. Blessings.

Written By Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Is Your Written Communication Helping or Hurting You?

My personal experiences in the music industry as a performer, radio broadcaster, and retail salesperson have helped me to understand the importance of making a strong first impression. If you as an artist, want a successful career, you must be able to attract and maintain an audience that will be loyal. How you market yourself, will determine the cultural diversity of this audience.

Many independent artists cannot afford to hire a business manager or publicist to communicate for them, which means they are corresponding with the followers of their craft on their own. Therefore, it is imperative for the artist to be able to communicate effectively in a written form designed for publishing through social media channels, email, mobile marketing, and press kits. However, if the artist is in a position to hire someone, it is equally important for that individual to be a skilled writer. The writer has to be able to entice potential supporters to check out the artist’s media, as well as make the artist’s current followers feel as though they are maintaining a connection with the artist, when he or she is not on the stage.

Not only is the writing content important, but so are proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling. These are some basic skills we all should have learned by elementary school. Unknowingly, the artist may be losing a new base of followers who may be turned off by his or her lack of professionalism. Also, although the artist may be catering to a certain niche, there should be a careful balance between marketing to their niche and making sure the content is inviting to folks outside of the niche. I have seen the websites of some Urban Music artists, specifically African-Americans, who tend to use a lot of colloquialisms (“slang”) in their press kits and on their websites, but from a marketing/branding perspective, this is not the place for them.

The music entertainment industry is increasingly trending towards more mobile access to artists’ media and write-ups. Social media can literally make or break one’s career in just a few tweets and clicks. Once the information has been posted or emailed, it will be passed on instantly and there is no way to get it back.

The lesson to be learned here is that the artist must pay attention to the details when communicating with a tech savvy audience, that now has an UNLIMITED pool of artists to choose from. The artist should definitely pay attention to their niche, but be aware of the fact, that the world wide web exposes them to a multiple number of markets nationally and internationally.

Written by Guest Blogger: Vince Wilson

Vince Wilson is the Founder / Owner, New Dawn Management and main author of the “Christian & Gospel Music Business & Law” blog. We here at the “Christian Artists’ Promo Blog” wish to congratulate Brother Vince Wilson on obtaining his Master of Science in Entertainment Business (EBMS) degree from Full Sail University. This week he will be traveling to Florida to attend the commencement ceremony for his graduating class.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

In Our Latest Vid, I Explain Why the C.A.P. Blog Works


Look...I had a ball making this video, although it took me about 20 takes. It will only take you a second to click over there and hit the JOIN button. There's a lot of good info on here and a lot of great detail. 

Look...people all over the world are reading it!

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 is Looking for Nominees?!!! OPPORTUNITY ALERT!!

Next year, the gospel internet radio station will be conducting a huge, action packed awards ceremony designed to celebrate and honor indie artists. This event will take place from March 21-23 in Mobile, Alabama. Please record these dates in your calendar, and get you a jar and start putting up at least $25 a week so you can make it. these are the categories that are remaining:

  • Quartet Artist of the Year
  •  New Artist of the Year
  • Male Artist of the Year
  • Female Artist of the Year
  • Contemporary Artist of the Year
  • Group of the Year, Church Choir of the Year
  • Gospel Choir of the Year
  • Traditional Artist of the Year
  • Christian Hip/Hop Artist of the Year
  • Youth Artist of the Year
  • Praise Dancers of the Year
  • Pastor of the Year
  • Gospel Promoter of the Year
  • Independent Artist of the Year
  • Christian Comedy of the Year
  • Christian Jazz Artist of the Year
  • Gospel Media Outlet of the Year
Keep in mind please, unless the submission deadline date is extended, this will shut down on THURSDAY, September 20. Stop playing and get out here to get yourself some real exposure. I spoke with Gary D. Johnson, CEO of last week, and here's what he had to share with us about the ceremony.

As you can see, it definitely sounds like it is going to be hyped. And the fact that people are planning on spending the entire week out in the Mobile, AL, really shows a lot of love and support for the network. Gary D. Johnson, specifically has a heart for independent gospel artists. THAT MEANS YOU! So please get in where you can fit in. And Guess what? YOU CAN EVEN NOMINATE YOURSELF!

Please be sure to LIKE their FB page (Let's get in the habit of liking people who like us folks...AHEM!!!), and also, be sure to visit these two pages for further details MYGSRN Music Awards and Registration . By the way, you may also call 251.268.9501 and someone will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you require, to make a decision about attending this AWESOME event.

We want to thank Gary D. Johnson for being so gracious with his time. Bro. Johnson is a very busy man, working tirelessly to make sure everything is top-notch for us all when we get down to Mobile in March. Our prayers are with him and his wonderful internet radio station. Let's support him and this wonderful vision God has shared with him and he in turn shared it with us.

Written by Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1
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Angela Blair
Sis. Angela Blair @TeamAngelaBlair is accepting Submissions for her CD/DVD project. Feel free to send your submissions to  And I will go ahead and insert this now. If I started telling you all the things she has accomplished in her artistic career, I would definitely leave out something; so rather than do that, I will tell you what she tells other folks, "Google Me". There's nothing pretentious or haughty about the direction she is giving you, that's just the way it is. (This lady can really BLOW...ooooouuu weeeeee.)

If it wasn't for artists, none of the stations would have any music or spoken word to play over the air. Get with Phea Kennedy and inquire about two opportunities: How to get on the next Life Through Arts program and get your music played on her show. Also, if you would like to be her indie artist of the week, contact her to find out what is involved.

Texas GAG
Get set for one of the biggest educational and networking events of the year! The Texas GAG will be celebrating its 23rd Anniversary, right here in Dallas, TX Nov.22-24. Trust me, plans are being made around the clock to make this event a huge opportunity for YOU. For further details CLICK HERE. If you haven't made any arrangements to be on the showcase, then don't get upset when all the slots have been filled. will want to have an opportunity to minister to signed artists and get some honest feedback on how you are doing. Standby for updates on exactly who will be in the house and the schedule of events. 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Joshua Roger's Chats with the C.A.P. Blog

I couldn't help notice while interviewing him, HE'S SOOOOO YOUNG!!! Look at the great number of men and women who have been doing this for years and didn't win. I guess the key to his winning was what he told me; he never viewed it as a competition, but as an opportunity to minister. Please listen to how he responds to me asking him what he misses the most about being on Sunday's Best. (It was a very innocent response, but something we can all use and benefit from in our lives.)


It was such an honor to sit down and chat with this awesome young brother. In his very soft spoken voice, he spoke with us about the Sunday's Best Experience and many of the offers laying on the table. I loved his optimism and genuineness, but even more so, when the question was posed about where he thought this career would be leading him next, he made it very clear, he would never leave his home church in S.C. And believe you me, all sorts of offers are on the table, and YES...Mr. Rogers wants to try it all, as long as it distance him from his church. Thank you Joshua for allowing us to interview you. We here at the C.A.P. Blog will continue to pray for you daily. Please know we want you to stay on the track to success and keep speaking of the goodness of the Lord, especially for those who have not come to know him yet. Blessings!

Before closing the blog, I want you all to know it was an honor to be selected as the media coordinator for the event. I met some very special people at the concert. Thank you to Angela Blair, the woman behind, the "Night of Hope and Inspiration Tour" featuring herself, Joshua Rogers and many more gospel greats, Rico, the Executive Administrator of God's Tabernacle of Deliverance and manager of the AWESOME, God's Tabernacle of Deliverance Bishop's Choir, who had the honor of participating in the Verizon, How Sweet the Sound, Gospel Choir competition, Antonio Johnson of The Word Radio Network, Nita B of Fishbowl Network, Kelland of SoSoActive, Eric Guy of ICAN Productions, and others I didn't have an opportunity to connect with directly. Also, Thank you to Deon Ballard and THE ONE AND ONLY KURTIS BLOW (YOUTUBE him if you don't know who he is. Especially if you rap, you should know), who is now a Minister, for retweeting  the announcement about Joshua's appearance in our town.

I figured I would save my Keith Sweating for the end, but you already know the routine. By all means, SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE,  JOIN the blog to the right, LIKE US ON FACEBOOK, G+1 us on the Right and directly below this blog , follow us on TWITTER and check out the opportunities below.

Get set for one of the biggest educational and networking events of the year! The Texas GAG will be celebrating its 23rd Anniversary, right here in Dallas, TX Nov.22-24. Please don't be waiting around until the last minute, because I only have so much room in my house y'all. Lol! For further details CLICK HERE. If you haven't made any arrangements to be on the showcase, then don't get upset when your favorite artist shows up and all the attention is on him or her. Yes.....there will be major artists in attendance. Standby for updates on exactly who will be in the house.
If you would like to be considered for the artist of the week spot and/or interviewed reach out to Phea Kennedy on Facebook.

That's it for me. I'm out. God Bless all of you!
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday's Best 5th Season Winner, Joshua Rogers in Desoto, TX TODAY

Five Seasons of Sunday's Best, and this is the first season a male was chosen. If you've been watching, then you know this young man is a powerhouse of a vocalist. Today, a FREE CONCERT will be taking place at GOD'S TABERNACLE OF DELIVERANCE and if you make it down there to see Jonathan, you will truly be delivered. Don't miss out, do whatever you have to do, but be there. See you at 4 p.m. The address is 1000 E. Pleasant Run Rd., DeSoto, TX . Thank you!!!!

Media people reading this post, please contact us via our site contact page.

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Supply & Demand V2 - Yellow Tape Edition By D'Aych"

Before you get bent out of shape about name in the title, let me correct this for you. The name D'Aych is simply pronounced as D.H. and it stands for Daniel Harris. I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel on the "Let's Talk Gospel" Conference call last Tuesday. I briefly mentioned on the call my interest in interviewing artists by way of this blog, and Daniel happened to be the first one to take me up on my offer. I must admit, when I received his Bio via email, the first thing I noticed was the length and I said to myself, "Where does it end?! I guess I won't be eating, talking, and reading all at the same time." I hesitated for a few moments, and then after reading the first paragraph, said, "My God, what a testimony!" It wasn't something I could put down, and come back later to complete. (A little side note here. If your Bio doesn't read like D'Aych's, I'd be more than happy to read it and offer tips, or even re-write it. Keep in mind artists, your Bio and Photos present an opportunity for you to capture the attention of the reader). I read it from top to bottom straight through and was eager to call Brother D'Aych at that moment. There was a sense of urgency within me which caused me to take action right then and there rather than wait for the so-called "Perfect Timing".

Today, Brother Daniel Harris is a Christian Rapper, with a story to tell. But I want you to know, he has made a complete turnaround from the direction he was heading in before he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior. Without a shadow of a doubt, he was programmed for self-destruction, as well as the destruction of others, but the foundation had already been laid; Daniel just had to make his way back home. In fact, Daniel was actually raised in Pentecostal Church environment at home and at the church because his mother was a minister.

At the tender age of 14, D'Aych started running the streets and not only did he join a gang and sell drugs, he decided school was no longer necessary, and decided to just drop out. In addition to the drugs he sold, he began drinking alcohol and sparking up the weed daily. D'Aych was really modeling his life after infamous drug lords and hardened criminals. He emulated them so well, he earned himself a spot on the Milwaukee's most wanted list!!! He was a fugitive in his own land, and I'll have to ask him when I have time where he hid out for 2 years, but that may be another blog. Eventually, he was apprehended and sentenced to 4 years for armed robbery, gun possession and mastermind charges.

While in Prison, D'Aych got thrown in solitary confinement for 30 days for mouthing off at one of the correction officers. Apparently it wasn't the first time, so the officer returned later with several other officers in riot gear and dragged him out of his cell. While confined, I want you to know this is where he had his come to Jesus moment. There was a lot of praying going on and he made another promise to God; when he came out of that hole, it would be as a changed man ready to serve HIM.

Day 30, D'Aych came out of the darkness as a new man and rolled out there on the prison yard with his secular raps, but it made him feel like he was faking it. Like, what would God think?! In little of no time, he made the decision to convert all of his raps to Christian raps. D'Aych was even bold enough to carry his Christian raps out to the yard. Believe it or not, it was well received! D'Aych said to himself, "If I can get a hardened criminal who is doing 20 years to cheer me on when I'm rapping for the Lord, then I might have something I need to share with a wider audience to save others from destruction."

D'Aych served a 4-year sentence from 2003 to 2007. Since he turned his life over to God, he has created 4 independent Christian Rap Music projects.  The latest project, "Supply and Demand V2 - Yellow Tape Edition" will be released on November 8, 2012.

Brother D'Aych realizes there aren't very many opportunities for Christian rap artists, so he goes out there and creates opportunities. Over the past several years, he has held his own benefit concerts to provide financial aid and services to brothers and sisters here in our country, as well as outside of the country in places like Kenya and Haiti. He has also spoken to a ton of youth enrolled in different schools across the Midwest.

On October 6, 2012, D'Aych will be making his television debut on the "Fresh Fire" show, hosted by Lexi.

D'Aych is asking that you please follow him on Twitter  and Reverbnation to keep abreast with his appearances and upcoming projects. Before we close this out, we want to leave you with a sample of his work. The name of the track is "The Takeover", and I love it. As you already know, that is part of our name. What are you talking about?! This song is bananas, but make sure you listen out for the whole project when it drops.

Blessings to all the readers of the Blog as well as brother D'Aych for allowing us to do a little digging beneath the surface to ask some uncomfortable questions about his past. God Bless you all until the next time.

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And the Winner of the Precious Fitted Cap Is...!!!!!!

UGTKONation proudly congratulates Rose Marie James of Minnesota! She is the winner of the Christian Culture Clothing contest. She will be receiving the hat pictured above just as soon as we can get an address. We have Tweeted, InMailed and Emailed her and are waiting patiently for her to respond. Hopefully she's not too camera shy to take a photo of herself in the hat gear and send it back for us to post. God Bless you Sister, and thank you for being one of our subscribers!

To the rest of you's who never subscribed, "You have not, because you've Subscribed not!" To my subscribers who didn't win, "There will be many more contests coming up. Stick with us."

Be sure to follow us on Twitter to receive updates about our next contest. And please support our Contest Sponsor !!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Video Interview w/J.Moss at Mt. Hebron

First of all, I am going to go into how I got the interview. So as many of you should already know, J.Moss released his latest album: V4: The Other Side (By the way, if you don't already have it, a copy can be obtained, just about anywhere online where digital tracks are sold. Here's the Amazon link.). And I'm on his Twitter @InsideJMoss reading like an eager beaver everyday doing my best to keep up with him and the whole PaJam crew. (By the way, I'm @UGTKONation for anyone who cares. ROTFL.) Specifically, I look for information indicating which cities they may be touching down in next to promote their cd. I guess to keep from being mobbed by their fans, they only seem to leave clues about their next gig which is a challenge, but fun for an online sleuth such as myself jockeying constantly for the position of the main go to person to find out what's going on everywhere in Gospel. One clue led me to a website, mentioning a Unity Festival in my town, and then I got online and got to searching and found it. BINGO!!!!! I'm in there.

So here's the original simple email I sent to PaJam (one of the beat makingnest,  and sought after lyricists in gospel) two and a half weeks prior to the concert:

Good Morning:

My name is Arielle Johnson and I am interested in interviewing Brother J.Moss on Saturday, September 2nd when he comes to Garland to minister at Mt. Hebron. I help to promote indie gospel artists through my 'Do-It-Yourself' type of marketing blog called "The Christian Artists' Promo Blog" at and posting videos of professional industry people on our channel. If I can get Brother J. Moss to drop a golden nugget of industry info on us that we can share with the artists, it would be AWESOME! I in turn would be able to promote his upcoming interview video release through Facebook, my blog and the Youtube channel.  Ideally, I would like to speak with him briefly before the concert.

Thank you in advance for your courtesies.

Arielle Johnson

In less than an hour, I got a response back letting me know I was welcome and given a choice of being able to conduct my interview before or after the concert. I'm gonna post the interview in a minute here, so please don't rush me, however, I must say this, I've met a lot of Christian artists in the past, but J.Moss, really is an angel here on earth. Very well spoken, gifted in the area of being able to give a good interview and so much more. He has the anointing and I was able to feel it as I sat next to him. Never for a moment did I feel as if I was taking up too much time, or there weren't enough subscribers and visitors of this blog for him to grant us the time of day. I believe I may have shocked him just a wee bit in the beginning when I told him I needed his sweat rag that he just came down off the stage with because we couldn't have it in the recording. The cloth my firiends, was not for my personal collection or for Ebay, but because I wanted the video to look just right. (Guess I forgot about myself because I didn't have make-up on the first and frightened myself when I looked at it later. LOL!!!!! This is taking the Transparency thing to the extreme.)

Alright, before we skip down to the interview, you know I'm something like Keith Sweat with trying to make it last forever, so here we go again family.

As always, a couple of house rules: If you LIKE the Blog here, JOIN the BLOG by clicking on the button above all the faces on the right,  LIKE it on FACEBOOK too! If you ask me to LIKE your page, I will, just make sure you've LIKED ours too. Don't have me going back and unLIKING your page LIKE I had to do to a brother last night. Let's be friends, so please send me a FRIEND REQUEST, G+1 this Blog TO THE RIGHT, AND AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE BLOG, SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE. And ohhhhh....FOLLOW US ON TWITTER.

Alright!!! Here it is! Please pay attention to what he has to say about TWITTER.
Yeah look...just before I close, I got two more things to add. Artists, please pay attention to how comfortable he is with being interviewed. (I was the one who was choked up around 40 seconds.) There are no long pauses in his conversation or a lot of filling in with, "Ya know what I'm sayin'!" Before I close this out, I want to thank Brother Kearney and Brother Allen for being so kind. Brother Kearney signed my release for our video, and he didn't come out with, "Let me run this by my attorney and I'll get back to you." It took him less than two minutes to look at my two sheets of paper and then ask if I needed anything else. Now, that's what's really up!

Walter Kearney and Paul Allen (Two-thirds of PaJam)

Do y'all realize together, these 3 have made hits for everybody in gospel now you can think of and back in the day, not so long ago, they made hits for lots of secular artists. I bet they in the studio working on something right now.

There's a lot on the horizon for PaJam. They've hinted at looking for new talent, acting in movies, and more. Many artists come and go, but J. Moss said it himself, he's still around because of how he BRANDED himself. Yep...there's that word again. What is it about you that sets you apart? Pray on it and bring it out of you.

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Christian Culture Clothing: A Shining Example of What Crazy Faith and Dedication Can Do!

I have chosen to write about Treya E., designer and owner of Christian Culture Clothing and Soultre Boutique today, because in watching her run her business, I am able to see how in the short period of time, 2-years to be exact, she has established herself as a well respected clothing designer. Anyone out there reading this right now ought to know, with any new business, it is a daily grind. There are no holidays, sleeping in late, time for depression when things don’t go your way, hanging out with friends who don’t respect your vision or purchases of high-priced items on a whim. My prayer is that this blog encourages you, no matter where you are in the packaging of the gift God has given you. And no matter what, remember if you are persistent and consistent, in due time, you will be rewarded for your faith in yourself and your vision. 

The Beautiful Treya E.

 Like many of you who are subscribed to the blog or visiting with us right now, I met Treya, owner of Christian Culture Clothing and SoultreBoutique, on Facebook. She “LIKED” a post in one of the groups I frequent and once I clicked on her name to get to her page, I immediately fell in love with her designs and recognized her as being a savvy business woman. As you can tell from the photos, some sort of organization has to be behind this business, to give it the high class look of something you would find in a glossy, full-color, magazine. Yes…the women and the men in these pictures are models; real models who are pursuing the modeling career path. Now of course you can create something, and upload your design to Zazzle, but how will it set you apart from the tons of Christian clothing designers who are already out there? You see, this is where the Branding comes in again. Now I am fully aware of the possibility of you not being able to do it B-I-G right now, but please have some sort of plan in place to get there. Write it down!!!!!

Treya E. has been styling hair and beating people’s faces as a makeup artist for 10 years, so it was quite natural for her to want to help her clients have a complete look from head to toe. Treya so deftly delivers this anti-homogeneous look, online and offline, that when it is viewed by a website visitor or passerby, the person will say to themselves, “Wow…that person really has it together.”

Two years ago, in her home, on her down time, Treya started creating purses and handbags and came up with the name Soultre Boutique. With each sell, she was inspired to challenge her own thinking to come up with something unique and popping. Not only was keeping her own ideas fresh, a concern (thinking beyond the current season), but she also wanted to boost the selling of her bags, so she wouldn’t have to depend on word of mouth. Six months ago, after much prayer, Treya came up with the ChristianCulture Clothing line for both men and women. From my understanding, after interviewing her, CCC was born out of crazy faith. According to Treya, “You must VOICE YOUR EXPECTATION and remember, PAIN and OBSTACLES are a part of it all. And oh…major SACRIFICES! I cancelled summer vacation because I am so locked into Grinding now so I can Relax later.”

Treya is blessed to have a close friend who is a professional photographer who can help her achieve the high fashion, colorful look you will find in the images on her FB page. But outside of that, this woman is a naturally gifted, highly economical, marketing guru and go-getter. She highly recommends Fiverr as a site to browse for any and everything you can think of that you may need in your business.

One of the ways in which Treya boosts sales of her product is through participation in Fashion shows. She loves it because it’s free, and her items always get sold on the spot and generate business for the future. Also, she hires herself out as an image consultant and styles entertainers. Of course in styling them, her accessories and clothing are presented as options. Basically, here, she has provided a way for herself to get paid twice (Smiles). On top of all this, Treya has a team of passionate, dedicated interns who she meets with regularly for meetings to impart the knowledge they need to carry the vision. In other words, she’s not afraid to share because she realizes in doing so, an even bigger blessing is bound to come her way in due time.

Of course, like you always hear me talking about, take pictures and post them in Tweets, Instagram and such, Treya is using every free social media site you can think of to keep her name out there. For those of you who are still getting the website in place, please remember, FACEBOOK is respected as a back up to your website, or even a temporary site. Look, even Vogue has their own Facebook page. And they go to great lengths to make sure the pictures are vibrant and the look matches their brand. Our friend Treya has recently taken the Vogue Facebook page model a step further and has started to collage items. CCC Facebook Page.

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God bless you until the next time.

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

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