Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Amazing Indie Gospel Artist LaTonya Earl Talks to the Blog

The first time I met Sis. LaTonya R. Earl was on the "Let's Talk Gospel" Conference Call. Like the rest of us on the line, Sis. Earl was waiting patiently for an opportunity to share her ministry and network with other callers. By the way, Sister Earl is an AWESOME, dynamic vocalist; however, initially, I had no way of knowing this, because it was my first time hearing her name mentioned on the call. (Yes, I know it's sad, for someone like myself who tries hard to keep up with everything and everyone; but somehow, this soon to be world-renowned artist slipped past me.) Well, before she could even speak, she was being praised by the SOGN Radio network , for holding down the #1 spot on the station's Top 20 countdown of the week. In fact, she doesn't look like she will be coming down anytime soon. She is definitely hanging in there with some of the greats. If you don't believe it, take a look, and you will find Pastor John P. Kee, directly below her in the #2 position. (By the way, you can help Sis. Earl remain in the #1 position by texting her name and the song "I Run to You" to 251.298.7646).

The second time I met the lovely Sis. Earl was at the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards in  Rowlett, Texas. She participated in the competition, and I was one of the judges, but trust me, it really wasn't a competition at all. It was clear to see, in comparison to the other contestants, Sis. Earl fell in the category of "seasoned professional". I had no choice, but to give her a perfect score all across the board. But, not only that, almost everyone in the sanctuary rose to their feet, and waved their arms high above in worship. All of the judges were on their feet high fiving each other (including me), as she amazed us with her talent. I'm pretty sure we all walked away thinking to ourselves, we had an opportunity to experience the next great gospel talent on the rise, before she blows up!!!!

But on a more serious note, during her performance, Sis. Earl, was forced to take a chair to prevent herself from becoming over-exhausted. You see, Sis. Earl suffered her 3rd migraine stroke on March 30, 2012. The left side of her body was weakened, which made it very difficult to walk. However, by August, she regained her strength. God performed some miracles in his faithful servant's life. In addition to healing her, he introduced her to the SOGN Radio Network and promoted her to the #1 spot.

Below is a brief conversation we had with Sis. Earl, followed by her music video so you can hear her for yourself.

Well...it was very easy to speak with Sis. LaTonya Earl for this interview. We wish her continued success on her journey and a long, healthy life. Blessings.

Written By Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

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