Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Video Interview w/J.Moss at Mt. Hebron

First of all, I am going to go into how I got the interview. So as many of you should already know, J.Moss released his latest album: V4: The Other Side (By the way, if you don't already have it, a copy can be obtained, just about anywhere online where digital tracks are sold. Here's the Amazon link.). And I'm on his Twitter @InsideJMoss reading like an eager beaver everyday doing my best to keep up with him and the whole PaJam crew. (By the way, I'm @UGTKONation for anyone who cares. ROTFL.) Specifically, I look for information indicating which cities they may be touching down in next to promote their cd. I guess to keep from being mobbed by their fans, they only seem to leave clues about their next gig which is a challenge, but fun for an online sleuth such as myself jockeying constantly for the position of the main go to person to find out what's going on everywhere in Gospel. One clue led me to a website, mentioning a Unity Festival in my town, and then I got online and got to searching and found it. BINGO!!!!! I'm in there.

So here's the original simple email I sent to PaJam (one of the beat makingnest,  and sought after lyricists in gospel) two and a half weeks prior to the concert:

Good Morning:

My name is Arielle Johnson and I am interested in interviewing Brother J.Moss on Saturday, September 2nd when he comes to Garland to minister at Mt. Hebron. I help to promote indie gospel artists through my 'Do-It-Yourself' type of marketing blog called "The Christian Artists' Promo Blog" at and posting videos of professional industry people on our channel. If I can get Brother J. Moss to drop a golden nugget of industry info on us that we can share with the artists, it would be AWESOME! I in turn would be able to promote his upcoming interview video release through Facebook, my blog and the Youtube channel.  Ideally, I would like to speak with him briefly before the concert.

Thank you in advance for your courtesies.

Arielle Johnson

In less than an hour, I got a response back letting me know I was welcome and given a choice of being able to conduct my interview before or after the concert. I'm gonna post the interview in a minute here, so please don't rush me, however, I must say this, I've met a lot of Christian artists in the past, but J.Moss, really is an angel here on earth. Very well spoken, gifted in the area of being able to give a good interview and so much more. He has the anointing and I was able to feel it as I sat next to him. Never for a moment did I feel as if I was taking up too much time, or there weren't enough subscribers and visitors of this blog for him to grant us the time of day. I believe I may have shocked him just a wee bit in the beginning when I told him I needed his sweat rag that he just came down off the stage with because we couldn't have it in the recording. The cloth my firiends, was not for my personal collection or for Ebay, but because I wanted the video to look just right. (Guess I forgot about myself because I didn't have make-up on the first and frightened myself when I looked at it later. LOL!!!!! This is taking the Transparency thing to the extreme.)

Alright, before we skip down to the interview, you know I'm something like Keith Sweat with trying to make it last forever, so here we go again family.

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Alright!!! Here it is! Please pay attention to what he has to say about TWITTER.
Yeah look...just before I close, I got two more things to add. Artists, please pay attention to how comfortable he is with being interviewed. (I was the one who was choked up around 40 seconds.) There are no long pauses in his conversation or a lot of filling in with, "Ya know what I'm sayin'!" Before I close this out, I want to thank Brother Kearney and Brother Allen for being so kind. Brother Kearney signed my release for our video, and he didn't come out with, "Let me run this by my attorney and I'll get back to you." It took him less than two minutes to look at my two sheets of paper and then ask if I needed anything else. Now, that's what's really up!

Walter Kearney and Paul Allen (Two-thirds of PaJam)

Do y'all realize together, these 3 have made hits for everybody in gospel now you can think of and back in the day, not so long ago, they made hits for lots of secular artists. I bet they in the studio working on something right now.

There's a lot on the horizon for PaJam. They've hinted at looking for new talent, acting in movies, and more. Many artists come and go, but J. Moss said it himself, he's still around because of how he BRANDED himself. Yep...there's that word again. What is it about you that sets you apart? Pray on it and bring it out of you.

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

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