Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MYGSRN.org is Looking for Nominees?!!! OPPORTUNITY ALERT!!

Next year, the MYGSRN.org gospel internet radio station will be conducting a huge, action packed awards ceremony designed to celebrate and honor indie artists. This event will take place from March 21-23 in Mobile, Alabama. Please record these dates in your calendar, and get you a jar and start putting up at least $25 a week so you can make it. Okay...now these are the categories that are remaining:

  • Quartet Artist of the Year
  •  New Artist of the Year
  • Male Artist of the Year
  • Female Artist of the Year
  • Contemporary Artist of the Year
  • Group of the Year, Church Choir of the Year
  • Gospel Choir of the Year
  • Traditional Artist of the Year
  • Christian Hip/Hop Artist of the Year
  • Youth Artist of the Year
  • Praise Dancers of the Year
  • Pastor of the Year
  • Gospel Promoter of the Year
  • Independent Artist of the Year
  • Christian Comedy of the Year
  • Christian Jazz Artist of the Year
  • Gospel Media Outlet of the Year
Keep in mind please, unless the submission deadline date is extended, this will shut down on THURSDAY, September 20. Stop playing and get out here to get yourself some real exposure. I spoke with Gary D. Johnson, CEO of MYGSRN.org last week, and here's what he had to share with us about the ceremony.

As you can see, it definitely sounds like it is going to be hyped. And the fact that people are planning on spending the entire week out in the Mobile, AL, really shows a lot of love and support for the network. Gary D. Johnson, specifically has a heart for independent gospel artists. THAT MEANS YOU! So please get in where you can fit in. And Guess what? YOU CAN EVEN NOMINATE YOURSELF!

Please be sure to LIKE their FB page (Let's get in the habit of liking people who like us folks...AHEM!!!), and also, be sure to visit these two pages for further details MYGSRN Music Awards and Registration . By the way, you may also call 251.268.9501 and someone will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you require, to make a decision about attending this AWESOME event.

We want to thank Gary D. Johnson for being so gracious with his time. Bro. Johnson is a very busy man, working tirelessly to make sure everything is top-notch for us all when we get down to Mobile in March. Our prayers are with him and his wonderful internet radio station. Let's support him and this wonderful vision God has shared with him and he in turn shared it with us.

Written by Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1
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Angela Blair
Sis. Angela Blair @TeamAngelaBlair is accepting Submissions for her CD/DVD project. Feel free to send your submissions to inquiries@angelablair.com  And I will go ahead and insert this now. If I started telling you all the things she has accomplished in her artistic career, I would definitely leave out something; so rather than do that, I will tell you what she tells other folks, "Google Me". There's nothing pretentious or haughty about the direction she is giving you, that's just the way it is. (This lady can really BLOW...ooooouuu weeeeee.)

If it wasn't for artists, none of the stations would have any music or spoken word to play over the air. Get with Phea Kennedy and inquire about two opportunities: How to get on the next Life Through Arts program and get your music played on her show. Also, if you would like to be her indie artist of the week, contact her to find out what is involved.

Texas GAG
Get set for one of the biggest educational and networking events of the year! The Texas GAG will be celebrating its 23rd Anniversary, right here in Dallas, TX Nov.22-24. Trust me, plans are being made around the clock to make this event a huge opportunity for YOU. For further details CLICK HERE. If you haven't made any arrangements to be on the showcase, then don't get upset when all the slots have been filled. Yes.....you will want to have an opportunity to minister to signed artists and get some honest feedback on how you are doing. Standby for updates on exactly who will be in the house and the schedule of events. 


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