Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Conference Calls with Signed Gospel Artists

I have been getting a lot of inquiries about this weekly event since I posted it for the first time yesterday, on my Facebook wall. As you can see, from the gigantic flyer, THIS IS HUGE!!!! Look...let me stop playing and get straight to the point. Honestly, I have been knowing about this weekly call for several months, so I am guilty of keeping mum. Now before you condemn me, and demand I be burned at the stake twice and then refried, please hear me out! First I'll address your immediate concerns, then get up close and personal with you about why I kept it to myself.

Yes...both David & Tamela Mann are scheduled to be on the October 2nd Tuesday night call; and with this coming Tuesday night being Marketing and Promotions night, I strongly suggest you try calling in as early as possible. Please note, previous calls, at their peak, have recorded as many as 270 callers on the line AT THE SAME TIME!!!! (LOL!!!!! I've been itching to say that and no, I'm not well. Some of you will get it, but many of you will look around and say it's corny because you missed it.) No...David and Tamela will not be on the phone with you throughout the night and early morning answering your questions, and one more thing, everyone on the line may not have an opportunity to promote their current project, so again, I reiterate, BE ON TIME!!!!

The "Let's Talk Gospel Conference Call"  was founded in April 2011 by Jay Williams, "The Gospel Kid". His vision was to create an easily accessible environment to foster truthful and meaningful dialogue between established artists and industry professionals, and anyone else with the desire to be in their position one day. Signed artists would drop golden nuggets of information on the callers without sugar-coating any of it and the callers would apply what they learned on the call to their current situations. You can consider it a mentoring program, if you will, without the hand holding, and threat of being kicked out for not doing your part. The plan then, as it stands today, is to network and educate, for ministry growth.

Past artists who have been on the call have included, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Pastor John P. Kee, Earnest Pugh, Lexi, William McDowell, Vashawn Mitchell, Keith Wonderboy Johnson, Melvin Crispell, Joshua Rogers, and many more. When you get on the call, you will see how appreciative and thankful, many of the indie artists are, who actually have an opportunity to ask a burning question they have on their hearts and dialogue with them. As I was interviewing Sis. Yolanda Johnson, one of the team members of the "Let's Talk Gospel Conference Call", she mentioned to me, "When artists are trying to make it to the next level, they need to get with someone who is already there, or at least on the way." This call definitely makes it possible. Having established artists on the line makes your dream appear to be more tangible. And even if you don't get to ask your question on the call, more than likely, someone else on the call will ask it for you. Why? Because many indie artists are seeking the same information as you!

Now wait a minute, before we get into me, one more thing I want to mention to you is that there are usually a ton of radio personalities, and radio station program directors on the line giving out there personal info so you may reach them directly. I said that so you will be sure to be near a computer or at least have a notepad with you when you call in. All of the radio people don't call in from week-to-week, but every time I've listened in, someone new to me is on the line. Isn't it cool to be able to tell the radio announcer to look out for your project on a call as opposed to one out of hundreds of emails? IT'S MORE PERSONAL! AND IT'S ABOUT MINISTRY. THEY ARE THERE TO HELP YOU ALONG THE WAY!

Before I get to me, if this is not your first time here, you already know how I'm going to do you now. This is where I go off on a tangent, and let you know how you can support this Blog WITHOUT ANY MONEY! First, please click that JOIN button on the right, and then click the G+1 BUTTON ABOVE IT AND AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BLOG. Subscribe to our YOUTUBE for special stuffies, gifts and prizes and such and LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. And ohhhhhh....let's be FACEBOOK FRIENDS.

Well something you'll realize about me, probably after we become FB friends is, I believe a lot of folks are just plain lazy and lack self-motivation, therefore, why mention it, when the person is going to make excuses about being able to get on the call anyway. The day you decide to take that initial step to dial the "Let's Talk Gospel Conference Call" numbers, could be a very PIVOTAL point in your gospel career. I also see a lot of folks, cutting corners daily to avoid sowing into their ministries to package themselves properly. How many times are we going to use the old adage, "If I can just touch one soul, my job is done,"? Your job is only done, when you've sacrificed something of great value, to put yourself in the position to touch numerous lives. It makes no sense for me to be scratching my head and saying to myself, "Wow, this girl sound just like Mahalia Jackson! How can it be no one knows who she is?"

I've shared this conference call with quite a few people, but they have always been people I've categorized as being consistent with the promotion of their ministry. Now for those friends of mine I found on the call the first night I called in, who were not first time callers, SHAME ON Y'ALL for leaving me to find this awesome info on my own. You all know what I'm about, and we're still cool, sort of; I'll just have to ask the Lord to remove those words in the back of my mind that were never spoken, but always there whenever we speak, (hand on hip, with head tilted to the opposite side) "NO SHE DIDN'T!!!!"

Look....let's start fresh, since I'm putting this out there now. Do me a huge favor, and just be on the call on Tuesday nite. We're going to have a great time and I promise you, you will meet some very wonderful and awesome people who are already well known, as well as those grinding hard, daily, to get there. In addition to being on the call, if there are some loose ends concerning your ministry, you know need to be tied up, go into prayer about it and then get on the battlefield. There's a lot of healing needed in the world RIGHT NOW; you don't have as much time as you think; you MUST get it together.

Alright, I'm getting out of here now. See you on the Conference Call on Tuesday! Here's the short link to share the flyer with a friend.

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, tomorrow evening, Sunday, September 30th, there will be a Special Appreciation Service for Apostle Darrell Yancey at the Kingdom Covenant Church, located at 10960 Rockstone Dr., Balch Springs, TX at 6:00 p.m. This brother can really sing, and you know appreciation service usually means other people singing a lot of the time, but I'll be honest, I'm praying he sings for us. I wouldn't care if he got up there and sang, "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Y'all know Gods been good to me", I'll consider it to be a Blessing to be in there. Look...if you are in the area, don't play. Come on out and have fun in the Lord.

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