Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Twitter Followers in 2 Easy Steps

I'm going to try to make this as simple and straight forward as it can be, then I'm going to ask you to follow the screencast. Let's face it folks; what good is it to have a Twitter and no one is following you. It's the same as talking to yourself. There's a huge community out there, it's your job to FOLLOW THEM, and have them FOLLOW YOU BACK. I don't believe in paying for FOLLOWERS, although I have been tempted quite a few times; actually, it can work out to be rather expensive. Picture in your mind the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. You are the Tortoise, and if you remember, it was slow and steady that won the race.

@TWITERHERO - I just found them today through my friend Jenny. They got some #TEAMFOLLOWBACK tag teaming action going on. Like anything else, check out the profiles to see if you have anything in common and FOLLOW. When you follow the people in this group, they will FOLLOW you back immediately. No exaggeration, about 10 people from the tag team followed me today, but my buddy says, on average, about 20 people will follow you a day.

Okay...here's a song for you to get you in the mood of FOLLOWING PEOPLE and waiting for them to FOLLOW BACK. (Where my Christian House Heads at?)

Okay...that about does it for me. If the @Twiterhero works for you, please be sure to tell a friend and help a Sister out over here on the blog. I need YOUTUBE subscribers FACEBOOK FRIENDS and FACEBOOK LIKES and OHHHHHHHHHHH...TWITTER FOLLOWERS . Also, while I'm getting my Keith Sweat on, please be sure to G+1 me on the Right and at the very bottom of this particular blog. Last but definitely not least, JOIN the blog. Pretty soon, I'm gonna shut it down up in here, and unless you've already JOINED, you won't get the info. Sorry :( but I need y'all to stop peeking, and come on in.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Get Put in Rotation on Internet Radio (Relationships, Relationships...)

A wise man once said in so many words, "At the end of the day, it's not about how many connections you make, but rather relationships you build." (Chip Mathews - @chipmathews, if you are reading this, I hope you don't mind me borrowing your Twitter post again.) With all the clicking and adding of Facebook friends and Twitter followers daily, throughout the day, how many of those clicks are we turning into relationships. At the rate many of you are going, slowing down to take the time to really get to know someone, seems totally inconceivable. However, if you wish to stay relevant in this industry, which it becoming more and more competitive from day to day, there are two types of relationships, you want to work on consistently - Relationships with your radio stations (terrestrial and internet) and Your FANS! We'll save the FANs for a different blog and roll into what you need to watch out for with the internet radio stations.

I was blessed to be able to interview 3 different movers and shakers in internet radio, and sort of serve as the mediator between you (the artist) and them. I spoke with Kevin James, Program Director for CJBRadio.com , Delroy Sounden, Owner of Ensound Radio and Andre Brown, Owner of SynergyRadio.com and Synergy1Magazine and winner of the Stellars Award for Best Internet Radio Station of the Year (2011). They were all eager to share with me some of the things they don't always get a chance to express to you, so please listen up, because this is about relationships. Remember?

Now let me tell you something, IT DONE GOT REAL with some of the more popular, gospel, internet radio stations when it comes to artists not checking in with the stations after pressing the send button to email their their mp3.The WELCOME word on the welcome mat, is starting to fade and less folks are getting a chance to step on it. Every now and then, if you're in some of the internet radio groups on Facebook, you'll see an outburst/announcement/rant about how UN-supportive, indie artists can be at times. Okay...the bottom line is this, unless you are Mary, Mary or Kirk Franklin, sending your song off to internet radio with NO FOLLOW UP, means NO AIRPLAY. Okay...maybe you got lucky and they snuck your song in there; well...keep in mind, it's just as easy to pull it. Believe that! It happens everyday.

I interviewed Kevin James, of CJBRadio.com first. Now I absolutely love talking to this man. He is so smart and loves sharing his knowledge with people he knows will take the information and run with it. (How am I doing so far Kevin? LOL!!!!!! Oh well...just call me the town crier! I can't keep all this insider info to myself, because I know it is going to benefit you.)

Well...with an estimated 25-30 submissions per day, you'll be surprised to know less than a handful of those get put in rotation. Why? Look...let me ask you a question first? Why would you send a song over to a station and instead of tagging the song with its proper name, you have it tagged as Track 1, 2,3, etc.? I don't know if you got the memo or not, but you ain't finna get paid for those through SoundExchange, or nobody else. Make sure your song is properly tagged! And another thing, if you produced the song in a newcomer's studio, expect it to sound like that. Keep in mind that it is not possible to go from an FM Station to AM and not expect the listener to know the difference. What will they say when the DJ goes from Tamela Mann to your song? Oh I know. They are going to switch to another station in a heartbeat.

Kevin reminded me of something very important when I was speaking with him. We all must remember,  advertisers are happy when folks are tuning in. Content is what keeps the listeners locked in and the advertisers want to make sure their ad is heard. If you got a track (labeled I must add (LOL)), the listeners are asking for, or sitting by their computer waiting for it to be played, then you are on your way. According to Kevin, and he was just stating the facts, "Radio doesn't care about your song. It's just content for their advertisers." If you can get this in your head, then you are definitely on your way to WINNING big time!

Now once your song has been selected for that rotation, you need to keep in touch with the station by calling or emailing every two weeks. Ask how you can get more spins and exposure. Find out how much it costs to take out a banner ad/and or ad spot. When your song is not playing, folks will be able to hear a snippet of it in the commercial ad you prepare, and they'll be able to see you while your ad is playing. Remember, it's the song that is in heavy rotation that plays in our heads when it isn't playing anywhere else. (Also, when you call in, ask what region of the country, or other countries, where the station is receiving lots of requests to hear your song played. )

Brother Kevin James was working in Terrestrial Radio for about 12 years before he got into internet radio. He believes that in spite of how rapidly technological advances are being made for our online music listening pleasure, there  are still a few offline terrestrial radio strategies you should keep in mind regarding radio success. There really is no need to constantly switch up your selection of songs even though you have a wider pool to choose from. Listeners still like repetition.

Another tip Kevin offers artists, is to make sure they submit songs anywhere from 3-4.5 minutes in length. Anything longer than that, more than likely, just won't be added to rotation.

Below are two sound clips taken from my conversations with Delroy Souden and Andre Carter. (They were recorded separately.) Of course I extracted the most important portions of our conversations.

As I mentioned to you earlier, Delroy Souden is the founder of Ensound Radio, which is really 3 stations; to access Ensound Radio and My ESRN, please go to MYESRN Please give a listen to the tips he provides us with about how to be successful as an artist in internet radio. Also, for those of you are still AFRAID of Twitter, listen to the logic behind how it works for you and the station. (I am going to put up a Twitter Screencast in a few days to show you how to build up your followers, and make Twitter work for you.)
Interview w/Delroy Souden - Founder of Ensound Radio and The Ensound Awards Show by UGTKONation

Now I usually prep the interviewees before I start the interviews, but let me tell you, Mr. Andre Carter, of Synergy1Radiowinner of the Stellar Awards 2012 Internet Radio Station of Year category must have had an agenda when he called in. I barely got a word in edge wise, which is indeed rare, because I am known for talking over people. (Not good, but I've gotten better. I wonder when my daughter's change will come about. (Sigh)). When you listen to how the conversation goes, how he won the Stellar Award will start to add up. This man is a definite go getter. I wouldn't be surprised if he went around town with an Ipad, knocking on folks doors and navigated to the online voting spot for his station after he had them log in under their own names. But honestly, all joking aside, this man has a direction and plan for his station, as well as the artists. He too would like to see you wining at this game.
Andre Carter of SynergyRadio.com and Synergy Magazine by UGTKONation

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Blesssings! Have an Awesome Thursday!
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What in Hell Do You Want? (by Playwright Evelyn Jones-Reed) - Sat., Oct. 27 - Ft. Worth, TX

I have been trying to make it out to this play for the past two years, but with God willing, I will be able to attend this coming Saturday. The first time I heard about this wonderful production, was in 2010 when I had one of the most horrible schedules in the world. But enough about me, let me introduce you to my cousin Evelyn Jones-Reed, the playwright. Yes...we really are cousins, so I feel honored to be able to deliver this write up to you about my family member.

Now unless you've been hiding underneath a rock, I know you've heard the commercial for the "What in Hell Do You Want" stage play, on your radio. The first thing that grabs you is the title. If you are anything like me, and known for speaking out loud, when it appears to be safe to do so, then you probably would have said, "Absolutely NOTHING," just like I did, almost yelling, as I was driving in my car. And like the title and punctuation suggest, it is a question; but my question to you is, if we know there is a HELL, and we know we aren't living right, then when will we begin to change our behavior? Do you think a vivid snapshot of HELL would make you totally rule it out as your place of residence when this life is said and done? Well, the playwright, Evelyn Jones-Reed so strongly believes this to be the case that she has invested quite a bit of her own money to make sure the message comes across as intended - Whatever you do, stay the HELL away from HELL!

I had the pleasure of sitting in on one of the rehearsals last week, and this is what I caught.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Video Clip from Sunday Best's Alexis Spight Freebie Concert

Now LOOK!!!!! When Alexis' cd drops in January 2013, I want to see it take residence at the top of the music charts and stay up there  for a while. Baby Girl deserves it, and is out here giving it to us from her heart. I don't even know why I'm dropping this video on you, because if you were in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Saturday evening, you should have been there. Sis. Alexis Spight, was the vessel the Lord used to make his presence known, and before we knew it, we were looking at our individual situations/issues from the Lord's vantage point. And indeed, the view was so good, we found comfort in knowing our burdens would be lifted, once we allowed ourselves to be transformed.

One of the most difficult things I've had to deal with, with all of my hat juggling, to keep this blog popping, is remind myself, unrestrained worship and camera equipment don't always go hand in hand. The shakiness in the video is from my own excitement. I tried to steady my hand, but it wouldn't keep still. (LOL!)

Well...getting back to the story, a little birdie told me, "Ms. Spight", would be doing a promotional (FREE) concert, but she wasn't going to be out there all night long. In so many words, the word on the street was, one or two songs, and then some mobile phone photos and a few kisses on the cheeks, then it would be a WRAP! BUT Let me tell you, Baby Girl was not concerned about the time at all; in fact, SHE PREACHED, right after Pastor Henderson, the guest pastor PREACHED!!!  You see, we gathered at the River of Life Church in DeSoto, TX yesterday for a cause - Breast Cancer Awareness - and the Desire to have a successful and meaningful concert, met with the Purpose of Spreading Awareness about the disease, in a MIGHTY WAY. The Holy Spirit had its way with us, and there was a WHOLELOTTA shouting going on. I saw one shout I'd never seen before in my life. It was like a kick step repeat pattern. I sure wish I could have caught that on on camera so I could share that one with you and learn it for myself too.

Okay....enough with the HYPE, but I will throw this in there because I heard Alexis say it a few times this weekend, "It's not about ME. If people are coming out to see me, they won't. It's all about HIM." Let's all allow the Love of God to shine through us, and brighten our visage, so others will find comfort when they are in our presence.
Oh, before I forget, I'm going to give out the info for the Free "Music Leak" Download from Ms. Alexis Spight. Please TEXT @AlexisSpight to 23559 for the single, "Steady". Enjoy!

Now, something I definitely did not forget, is the fact that we need more people to JOIN the blog. When you JOIN (Of course it's FREE. Stop playing!) and LIKE us on Facebook, you help to spread the word about this AWESOME blog. For those of you who may be having trouble locating the JOIN button, feel free to LEAVE a Voice Message by clicking the button on the Right. If you can't find the Voice Message button, it may be time for a new pair of glasses, or maybe you just need to clean the ones you got on. LOL! And OH....Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

More or Less, I'm out until the next time. May God Bless you and keep you until the next Blog!
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Alexis Spight's Visit to the Dallas Area - Free Concert Today 10.20.12

What can I say about Ms. Alexis Spight, the very close runner up in the 5th Season of Sundays Best? Wow...she has such a sweet spirit, but you all probably knew this from watching her on Sundays Best. As we drove Ms. Spight to the last gig of her rather long day, she sat in the car and caught up with her Tweets and emails for most of the 15 minute ride. She is quite a distance from home, but very comfortable with doing whatever was necessary to brighten someone else's day or evening with a camera phone photo and/or brief conversation. All of what is happening in her life right now is STILL fun and exciting, and it has not morphed into that dreadful thing we know as WORK!

Immediately after KILLIN' the National Anthem (I sure wish she could have sang that right after Obama won the debate the other night. It sure makes me feel proud to be an American.), before I could blink my eye to figure out where she had disappeared to, I noticed Ms. Spight was just a few feet away from me, reaching up to the fans in the stands, shaking hands and giving out hugs. I was tickled to death to hear a recycled pick up line a young man tried to use on the beautiful Ms. Spight, that never seems to get old, "If I give you my cell number, will you call me?" (Smiles. That is so sweet.)

Below is a little of what you missed. It's just a taste, because if you want the full effect of what Ms. Spight has to offer, you'll have to come on out to the Free Concert tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. If it is possible, please wear something pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We will be at the River of Life Church which is located at 328 N. Hampton Rd. in DeSoto, Texas. We hope you can make it out. Indeed you will be Blessed by the great gift God has given this awesome young lady. Tell a few friends and then pack everyone in the car or van and come on out. We are going to have a blast.

Get your FREE DOWNLOAD of Alexis' new Single,
Simply TEXT @AlexisSpight to 23559
Watch out for the new Album Release
Slated for release in January 2013

Time to get some rest for tomorrow's big concert. Blessings to each and every one of you.
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Friday, October 19, 2012

Alexis Spight Music Leak!!!!!! Text to Download

Here's a little Lagniappe for you. Just Text @AlexisSpight to 23559, and you will immediately receive a link which will allow you to download the single, "Steady". Alexis' debut album with Music World Gospel is slated to be released in January 2013. 

For those of you wanting to attend the Free Concert, we will be starting at 6:30 p.m. and would love to see you in the building. 

For additional updates, be sure to LIKE Alexis' Facebook FAN Page.

Blessings to each and everyone of you.
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1   

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sundays Best Runner Up, Alexis Will Be in the Dallas Area on Saturday

For Immediate Release:
Media Contact:
Arielle Johnson
Sunday’s Best 5th Season Finalist, Alexis Spight Will Bless the D/FW Metroplex w/A Free Concert This Weekend and Meet with Lancaster High School Students on Friday

DeSoto, Texas – October 18, 2012 - On Saturday, October 20th at 6:30 p.m., the beautiful, fiery red headed, Alexis Spight, runner up, of the 5th Season of Sundays Best, will bless the Dallas/Ft.Worth area with a free concert, at River of Life Church, located at 328 N. Hampton Rd., in Desoto, TX. Alexis’ concert is part of a promotional tour, brought to you in part by “Take It to the Next Level Entertainment”, and will help to prepare Ms. Spight’s fans and lovers of gospel music for her upcoming debut album with Music World Gospel. Some of the area's best local talent will be stepping out on Saturday evening, to assist with the festivities - The God Phaktorr, Chadney Christle and Atonement, Cheri Winkley and many more. The concert organizers are asking everyone who can, to please wear something pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the survivors, and those who have unfortunately succumbed to the disease. 

Earlier this year, Ms. Spight traveled with her entire family to the Sunday Best auditions in St. Louis, along with 15,000 aspiring vocalists and admits feeling intimidated by the process. As she kept advancing from one round to the next, it was one of her younger siblings who encouraged her by prophesying, God would favor her; and he has in a MIGHTY WAY. Ms. Alexis Spight, may not have won this season’s Sundays Best title, but the votes for her and the winner, Joshua Rogers were extremely close, which was what many viewers expected considering they are both very gifted and talented. In addition to it being a very close call, Alexis and Joshua have a lot in common; both are preacher’s kids, were 18 years old at the time of the tapings, and both have been signed to the Music World Group record label owned by Mathew Knowles, the father of the internationally known pop icon, Beyonce. While competing on the show, Ms. Spight and Mr. Rogers always put emphasis on the fact that they never felt as though they were in a competition and that it was always fun, and spiritually uplifting. 

Not only will Ms. Spight be participating in Saturday’s concert, but she will also be making a special guest appearance at J D Hall Learning Center in Lancaster, Texas on tomorrow morning, October 19th at 10:30 a.m., to assist with kicking off the school’s Red Ribbon Drug Free Campaign Week, which officially begins on Tuesday, October 23nd. Ms. Spight will be addressing a group of her peers, so there should be lots to talk about and discuss. 

Ms. Alexis Spight is a native of Buffalo, NY who relocated to Kansas City, KS this year with her family. Presently, she is the Minister of Music at Madden Temple Church of God and Christ Kansas, City, KS, which is led by her father, Pastor Allen Spight. 

Sundays Best is a franchise owned by BET, and can best be described as being the gospel version of the popular American Idol. This season, the show witnessed its largest viewership ever with a whooping 2.6 million viewers.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Youtube $$$$: Get Paid When Your Music Plays On Other Channels

I am going to try to be as brief as possible with this information I'm about to lay on you. Of course there is the real technical way of explaining this or the other approach, which is my favorite, breaking it down into layman's terms.

In an effort to stay in good graces with the big name record companies, You Tube decided to set up a deal to protect itself and its users from copyright infringement. As we all know, advertising has been You Tube's claim to fame and MAD RICHES!!! Their advertising, revenue generating model is no different from regular television.  It doesn't matter if you know exactly what you are looking for on You Tube, or if you are just browsing, eventually an ad will appear at the beginning of the video, and rotating ads will be located to the right of the screen.

How Can You Cash In?
If you are a registered publisher, and you have already opted in, you will receive a percentage of the advertising revenue on other users' channels. Basically what you are saying is you agree not to go after users who have not contacted you to play your music on their channel, but instead, share in the revenue generated through advertising, with You Tube and the User.(Pleases note, this applies also, when a user puts together a collage of photos, and has your music playing in the background.)

Okay, here's an example: Someone stops by another You Tube User's Channel, and clicks on a cell phone company ad while your music is playing on that particular video. When this occurs, you have just earned revenue, along with You Tube and the You Tube channel owner.

For further details, go ahead and get registered through this link. However, before you register, read through the F.A.Q.s.  YOUTUBE LICENSE

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Be sure to put my show, the "Gospel Sound Check" on your calendar for tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. c.s.t. Tomorrow's confirmed special guest will  Charles Clark, the vocalist on the new gospel hit, "Still With Me". You can tune in by accessing Sounds of Gospel  See you over there tomorrow.

Be sure to support these events below.

Get ready for the Texas Gospel Announcers Guild's 23rd Anniversary in Dallas, TX Nov. 22-24
HERE for Further Details @TexasGAG

Friday, October 12, 2012

The "First Gospel Sound Check" Show on SOGRadio.com

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone of you for tuning in to our first internet broadcast yesterday. I had a ball with the guests and got so carried away, I forgot to pop my popcorn AND give out the dial in number for our listeners to interact with us. The popcorn would have been for my first guest, Godz MessenGer. He kept hyping up his scheduled call-in guest appearance on the show and telling folks from his facebook page they would be in for so much of a treat for tuning in, that they better make sure they had popcorn in hand when we came on.

If for some reason you missed the show (SMH...I really don't know how that could have happened!), there are a few things I want you to know about Godz Messenger. 1) He has really mastered the online promoting THANG. There really is no way you could not have heard of him if you are an independent gospel artist and promoting yourself on Facebook regularly. 2) He truly believes God has given him a message to carry, and he never gets tired of sharing it. 3) He believes in giving back and encourages each and everyone of us to do the same whenever  we see our brother or sister in need. Presently, he is trying to raise funds for a single mother of 3 small children. 4) And last but not least, although he lives here in the United States, he doesn't feel as though the message God has given him is strictly for our country; his intention is to carry the message around the world. In fact, there is already talk of Godz MessenGer in other countries such as France and Nigeria. We may have to change his name from Godz MessenGer to Godz Int.'l MessenGer to indicate the brother is handling God's business worldwide! To contact Godz Messenger, please visit his WEBSITE Also, you may follow him on Twitter @GodzMessenGer. Please support this brother by picking up his project. Purchases of "In the Storm" may be made by visiting the Website listed above.

After chillaxin' with Godz MessenGer over the phone, we spent some time with Contemporary Quartet group, Resurrection. Resurrection has a powerful song out now called, "Let It Rain", featuring Joe Ligon of The Mighty Clouds of Joy. I was sooooo excited about speaking with the group after hearing their song for the first time several days before the interview. I had a ton of questions, so I let them have it! How do you keep a group of 6 voices, and different personalities together without developing at least one DAVID RUFFIN? Which member has a hard time parting with the stage and audience after putting on a good concert? Who in the group is the one that's never satisfied with the production even after putting in 16 hours of hardcore studio time? Their responses had us all in stitches. Please do me a favor and visit their FACEBOOK page and let them know I sent you over there. When you get to their music, it will be a treat. (Special shout out to Yolanda Johnson and Karen Clark for assisting us with the interview.)

Well I'm out until next time. God Bless you all until we meet again. Please do me a favor and be safe this weekend.

Ohhhhhh...before I jet, I want to remind you all to tune in for my interview with special guest, CHARLES CLARK!!!! I dropped a snippet of our interview on you on Monday, but on Thursday, Oct. 18 at 6 p.m. c.s.t., I'm gonna let you have it. Charles has a hot single, "Still With Me" that is burning up the charts! Check it out and let's have some fun. Also, it has not yet been confirmed, but we may have another special well known guest with us on the show. Check back here regularly for updates!

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Gospel Sound Check Show: Down to Earth Interviews Minus the Fluff

You ever watch Oprah or Dr. Phil interviewing one of their guests and wonder whether or not it's all staged. I mean really?! Oprah asks a REAL PERSONAL question and prefaces it with, "I know this may be difficult for you to recall for us, but would you please explain to our viewers why everyone thinks you did it O.J. ?!" All of a sudden, there's a lot of boo hoo-ing, Oprah's tear ducts get real active and now her and the invited guest are reaching for Kleenex at the same time.

Look...I'll keep it real with you; the show will be fun, but I promise you, we won't be getting into those types of theatrics. My main focus, since marketing is what I do, is to get down to the nitty gritty and find out from our guests - independents, the signed artists you follow, and those on the come up, how they keep themselves active, booked and motivated. You may have seen them on prime time television or maybe on cable, but they all have one thing in common --- SELLING RECORDS, TRACKS, CDs AND THEMSELVES.

I came up with the name Gospel Sound Check because any artist doing a gig wants to make sure their audience gets the clearest, crisp and most natural sounding voice they can possibly get out of them. They want to leave a good impression and want people to leave the venue feeling a special way about them. That's what we want you to walk away with after you've tuned into our show. Also, when these people aren't singing and performing, what do they sound like. Do they interview well? Are they worth the .99cents they are asking for per track. Now I will ask some personal questions, but if they don't want to answer them, they can hang up the phone. It's not like television where they have to disconnect the wireless mic and then run off the stage. I hope they don't do it, but Lord knows, I know how to fill in the time by myself if they do.

Here's the line up so far:

Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 - 5:00pm c.s.t. -5:30pm c.s.t. Godz Messenger (Jamal Seymour)
and Resurrection from 5:30-6:00p.m. c.s.t.


Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012 between 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. c.s.t. Charles Clark 

Trust me, I know there are a lot of other internet shows/hosts out there, but if you love the blog, like many of you say you do, you will love the show as well. Just consider it an extension of the blog, but even more laid back and informal than what you find here most of the time.

GodzMessenger and I have been having a ball on Facebook getting ready for tomorrow's show.  He says y'all need to get the popcorn ready, I say you need to get your 3-D glasses ready too, because we plan on stepping out of those speakers of yours when it goes down. I know it's never been done before, but when you tune in, it will certainly feel like we nailed it.

Look...time to get down to the gym before it gets too late to get a full workout in. I hate it when they start turning off the t.v.s and lights without telling me it's time to close, so you know what I do, I break out the flashlight. It was cute the first couple of times, but now they're cracking down and disconnecting the power to the equipment. Okay...I'm out. See y'all tomorrow on SOGNRadio at 5 p.m. c.s.t.this time; next week it starts at 6. Love ya!!!!

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Monday, October 8, 2012

Charles Clark Boldly Declares HE's "Still With Me"

Soft-spoken, polite, innocent, youthful, optimistic, pleasant, loving, compassionate - are all the words that come to mind immediately when I recall my conversation with Bro. Charles yesterday afternoon. It was an interview that could have come together on Saturday, had it not been for the incompetence of a hired hand putting motor oil  in "la bomba" where the power steering goes. (Sorry, I don't know the word for this in english. When y'all read it, please send it to me.) However, I am thankful for this mishap because Bro. Charles and I were able to converse when everything was calm. In fact, Saturday wouldn't have been good for him because he was doing a big concert in South Carolina near his hometown with Britt Nicole. I don't know about you, but if I were in Charles' position on Saturday, I would have been much more concerned about the quality of the speakers, the monitors and the acoustics during my sound check, than some old lady on the phone asking about my song. Lol. Our conversation started out like this, with him letting us know what's behind the title of his song. You'll find what he shared with us to be very exciting; really, just downright amazing, but my experienced Believers know and understand, this is the manner in which God operates constantly. God himself is a constant.

Oh...I'm sorry, were you waiting for the full song and full interview? Well...You'll be able to catch them both on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 6 p.m. c.s.t. by tuning in to SOG Radio , but until then, cop the single here ow.ly/dXTcb . Before closing, I must mention Bro. Clark's optimism in terms of staying positive after experiencing so many unfulfilled promises to "Put him on"! You know how you meet people who are super excited about you after they experience your artistic talent for the first time, but then something happens, and they fall off like a ghost. Deep within my heart, I truly believe he has found the type of management that will help him realize his dreams, with the relationship he has with his personal and booking manager, Chip Mathews, the CEO of Chameleon Productions. What's so funny about all of this is that as we were talking yesterday, Charles stated what Chip posted in a Twitter status the day I met him, September 18, 2012: 
(Chip Mathews also manages and handles bookings for Shea Taylor, Bishop Eric McDaniels and Lorraine Williams) 

He may not have stated it verbatim, but when he spoke on it, I got so excited about knowing I was really on the phone with a true Kingdom builder; and if he maintains this particular mindset throughout his career (which is something we will all be praying for), he'll have a place in our hearts forever. There's no formula to success, but at the heart of any successful business you'll find long standing, mutually beneficial relationships which help to keep the business alive. This gospel industry is a business, and just like the Manns told us on the conference call, if you take care of people, they will take care of you and remember you. I know this young brother, and recent Shaw University graduate has it together and we are patiently waiting to see what the follow up release will be to the beautiful song entitled, "Still With Me",which is in heavy rotation over here on the laptop (Smiles). Be sure to Follow him @clark_sings and @TeamSingCharles.

It's your girl Arielle Johnson a.k.a. Determinator1 and I'm out. Be sure to tune into Charles on my show, "The Gospel Sound Check", Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012 on @SOGNRadio

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gospel Indie Artists, Announcers, Ministries and Industry Execs Contact Listing

If you landed on this page through a link, please save it to your browser, CLICK HERE as we will be updating this list regularly. Below is a list of independent Christian Artists of all genres, as well as people in the industry who support them and can assist you with your ministry. We don't get involved with fees, so whatever you arrange will be between you and the artist, or you and the business professional you contact. I am praying this will be helpful and would appreciate your feedback on your interaction with the individuals and entities listed below. Blessings! Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Spirit 2 Spirit, Contemporary Gospel Group

Scooda, Christian Rap Artist



TBII, Gospel Recording Artist

Jamie Elizabeth Hardges, Spoken Word Artist

DJ Ronnie Ron - DJ (Primarily Spins Christian Rap, Poetry and Contemporary Gospel)
The Hip Hop Praise Mixtape Series is accepting submissions. Send your best SONG to ronnieron2k@yahoo.com and I will send you an agreement form to sign.

Jana Parsons, Artist/Event Manager
Women Walking In Victory
Growing Every Mind

Wanda "The Lady Bell" Bell, Internet Gospel Radio Personality
"The Lady Bell Show", M-F, 2-4 p.m. cst
"The WBM V'rieTy Show", Wednesdays & Fridays, 10 a.m. cst
"Interaction with Wanda Bell", Saturdays, 2-2:30 p.m. cst

F.R.E.E. (Forever Radical Edifying and Exalting) - Female Urban Soul Gospel Duo

Delon Tyeskie, Contemporary Gospel Vocalist

LaTonya R. Earl, Gospel Vocalist

MizT, Gospel Comedian


Marlon Johnson (M.I.C. - Marlon in Christ)

M.I.C.'s Official album debuts on February 8th 2013

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The NEW UGTKONation Will Provide Christian Artists with MORE

The Christian Artists' Promo Blog is a division of UGTKONation, which stands for, The Urban Gospel Takeover Nation. Every aspect of our company involves the promotion of independent Christian artists in the most professional manner, but without the exorbitant fees.

This blog started out as an extension of UGTKONation, because I felt as though the best way to display my expertise on self-marketing, would be through this medium. However, before I got any feedback from anyone, I knew once the word got around about it, people would flock to it. And they have - we've got the numbers to support my statement. People are excited about someone taking the time to be honest with them about how things really are, as opposed to someone selling them a lofty dream, lacking clearly defined steps as a means of achieving it. In writing, my strategy has always been to demonstrate how easy it is to really understand the marketing side of the gospel industry, and what methods can implemented NOW for immediate results.

Being straightforward and as intimate with folks as possible through this medium, has placed me in a more favorable position as compared to January of this year. The growth and visibility this company has achieved in such a short period of time is phenomenal and somewhat mind-boggling. Ironically, at the beginning of the year, writing regularly was not something I had set my sights on doing. My initial focus was to develop a cable television show to help with the promotion of independent Christian artists, at no costs to them. There will still be a show, just as soon as we can get the shows completely packaged, however, if it had not been for opportunity, after opportunity, presenting itself, and me wanting to hop on it while I was still HOT, it would have been released several months ago.

I believe the more I write here today, the more you are starting to realize, the company I am speaking of is primarily ME. Many people have come along and offered to help and partner with us (me and UGTKONation), and I have either done the walk away, or planned on considering it at a later date because I realized these were not affiliations the Lord had in mind for me. But because the Lord knows and sees everything, he has Blessed me with a new vision, to help the original vision fully manifest itself, so more Kingdom building could take place.The new vision involves partnering with well-structured, spirit-led Christian businesses.

Since I totally believe in decency and order, until some sort of contract/agreement is drawn up, I will not reveal the names of these new affiliations; instead, I will tell you what it means for you as an independent Christian artist: More Exposure through Radio, Television, Magazines, Social Media and just MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!

Within the next couple of weeks, myself, along with several very popular internet radio stations will begin to put together a weekly newsletter. The publication will highlight artists from across the country, and myself and the other parties involved will make sure it is distributed properly. It makes no sense at all to put together a weekly publication no one knows about. What a waste of your time, as well as mine. Initially, we will start out as an online publication, and then move to distributing physical copies across the country. Also, within this Blog, you are going to start seeing and hearing about more independent artists. Be on the look out for moContests and fabulous prizes will be a part of all this to reward you for supporting us, as well as each other.

I thank you for taking a moment to read our update. May God Continue to Bless you and Yours!
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1