Thursday, October 4, 2012

Highlights of Last Night's Conference Call with David and Tamela Mann

First of all I want to take a moment to thank everyone who called in last night and hung out with us for the duration of the call. I know many of you made some sacrifices to be there, and I hope we, the administrators and moderators of the "Let's Talk Gospel Conference Call" exceeded your expectations. To David and Tamela, we would especially like to thank you for expressing a very heartfelt willingness to provide the indie artists on the line, with a peek into you and your husband's professional careers. You executed it deftly, in a rather personal/intimate manner. Also, we want to thank you for making us all feel extra special on last night's call when you shared news of your spanking brand new Marriage Ministry Tour with us. You know I had to rewind and play it back, right here on the blog, because for us, this is HUGE!!!!!!

Thank you to Lawrence Rush for the beautiful opening prayer, and Brother Tyrone Porter for setting the tone of encouragement at the very beginning of the call. "Don't Get Weary in Your Well Doing, Because In Due Season, Your Time Will Come."

Now after the prayer and the word, the next part sort of threw me for a loop. Brother Ron Grace of SOGN (Sounds of Gospel Network) comes out with - (paraphrased) - "We have a very dynamic, powerful, prolific blogger on the line I'd like to introduce to you, who is internationally known and has worked with some top stage newspapers, and major labels. She definitely has the whole spectrum covered." At this point, I stopped crunching on my fresh Bartlett pear (oh yes...I love this time of the year), and with raised eyebrows, say out loud, "I thought David and Tamela Mann were going to be the only guests on the call. Wow...this ought to be a special treat!" What a star-studded, night of a million stars, type introduction for MOI ----- I was floored!!!!! (Mental note, if the Lord should happen to call me before Brother Grace, family, please let this man do the Eulogy. LOL!!!)

Okay, so I do my little pirouette out on the the conference call floor and the spirit takes over for about 10 minutes as I get to preaching on, "Stop running behind these people who have already made it, when you haven't been diligent with the promotion of yourself" and "Stop posting on people's wall, and never stop to ask about what you can do to help them." About the time the spirit left me, David and Tamela Mann came in on the line, and boy were they rested up for everything we had for them.

Me, Ron and Kevin James fired away with a bunch of questions and they were on it. In fact, they spit those responses out so fast, is sort of made our heads spin. Understand me; these were not your run of the mill common questions. Now many of you may be saying, "Well yeah!!!! Look at how long they've been married." But I say, yes, but not only are they married, David and Tamela are a BRAND designed by God to give the very best of themselves at all times.

Below, you will find a few questions and answers between the Manns and the "Let's Talk Gospel Conference Call" crew and special guest, Kevin James, program director of CJBRadio.

Ron: How do you remain so humble with all the awards and accolades you have received?

Tamela Mann: "It's about God and not about me. I look at myself as an average person God has decided to use. I'm just a regular homegirl, wife, mother."

Me: This question is for you or your husband. Well...with a lot of artists hanging out on the line with us right now, I'm sure many of them would like to know, when you may start scouting for talent, for TILLYMANMUSIC?

David Mann: We want to make sure that when we bring someone in, that they get our undivided attention. We can't just leave them hanging. Integrity is important because we want to make sure their project gets just as much attention as a 'Tamela Mann' project.

Tamela Mann: We are learning the business and we want to make sure we are fair to the artist.

Me: Why the decision to set up your own independent label?

David Mann: This was my decision. No one is going to give Tamela Mann the type of attention I give. We wanted to take our time do God's music without the pressures of a label telling us to just hurry up and put something together or produce a "HIT".

Kevin James: How do you keep everything you have going, going? (The latest project, "Best Days", television, "Hanging with the Manns", constant promo tour traveling.)

David Mann: We got a date book! (LOL)
Tamela Mann: Honestly Kevin, we take it one day at a time. I just take each task, day by day. When I come home, I try to focus on being a wife, a mother and a grandmother.

Well folks...there you have it. If you were expecting something else from them, other than just being truly down to earth, I'm sorry to disappoint you. They are some of the realest people I've ever met in the industry.We pray that God will keep them and their entire family safe, at all times. I Love This Couple!!!!

Last night was marketing and promotions night (conducted by Sis. Gwen and LaShelle) and we sort of put the word out there for a new idea we have in mind which will be very beneficial to the callers on the line. You send your name or name of your group, name of state you reside in, description of what you do, as much contact information as you wish to provide,  and a flyer for an upcoming event you are involved in or a link to a website you are using to promote yourself. This information can be emailed to We are putting together a contact list for everyone on the call who wants to conduct further networking with those participants.


Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Update 10.4.12
Look what I found!!!! Check out pages 40 and 41. How am I looking y'all? Thanks for checking it out.

Updated 10.5.12

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