Friday, October 12, 2012

The "First Gospel Sound Check" Show on

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone of you for tuning in to our first internet broadcast yesterday. I had a ball with the guests and got so carried away, I forgot to pop my popcorn AND give out the dial in number for our listeners to interact with us. The popcorn would have been for my first guest, Godz MessenGer. He kept hyping up his scheduled call-in guest appearance on the show and telling folks from his facebook page they would be in for so much of a treat for tuning in, that they better make sure they had popcorn in hand when we came on.

If for some reason you missed the show (SMH...I really don't know how that could have happened!), there are a few things I want you to know about Godz Messenger. 1) He has really mastered the online promoting THANG. There really is no way you could not have heard of him if you are an independent gospel artist and promoting yourself on Facebook regularly. 2) He truly believes God has given him a message to carry, and he never gets tired of sharing it. 3) He believes in giving back and encourages each and everyone of us to do the same whenever  we see our brother or sister in need. Presently, he is trying to raise funds for a single mother of 3 small children. 4) And last but not least, although he lives here in the United States, he doesn't feel as though the message God has given him is strictly for our country; his intention is to carry the message around the world. In fact, there is already talk of Godz MessenGer in other countries such as France and Nigeria. We may have to change his name from Godz MessenGer to Godz Int.'l MessenGer to indicate the brother is handling God's business worldwide! To contact Godz Messenger, please visit his WEBSITE Also, you may follow him on Twitter @GodzMessenGer. Please support this brother by picking up his project. Purchases of "In the Storm" may be made by visiting the Website listed above.

After chillaxin' with Godz MessenGer over the phone, we spent some time with Contemporary Quartet group, Resurrection. Resurrection has a powerful song out now called, "Let It Rain", featuring Joe Ligon of The Mighty Clouds of Joy. I was sooooo excited about speaking with the group after hearing their song for the first time several days before the interview. I had a ton of questions, so I let them have it! How do you keep a group of 6 voices, and different personalities together without developing at least one DAVID RUFFIN? Which member has a hard time parting with the stage and audience after putting on a good concert? Who in the group is the one that's never satisfied with the production even after putting in 16 hours of hardcore studio time? Their responses had us all in stitches. Please do me a favor and visit their FACEBOOK page and let them know I sent you over there. When you get to their music, it will be a treat. (Special shout out to Yolanda Johnson and Karen Clark for assisting us with the interview.)

Well I'm out until next time. God Bless you all until we meet again. Please do me a favor and be safe this weekend.

Ohhhhhh...before I jet, I want to remind you all to tune in for my interview with special guest, CHARLES CLARK!!!! I dropped a snippet of our interview on you on Monday, but on Thursday, Oct. 18 at 6 p.m. c.s.t., I'm gonna let you have it. Charles has a hot single, "Still With Me" that is burning up the charts! Check it out and let's have some fun. Also, it has not yet been confirmed, but we may have another special well known guest with us on the show. Check back here regularly for updates!

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

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