Saturday, October 6, 2012

The NEW UGTKONation Will Provide Christian Artists with MORE

The Christian Artists' Promo Blog is a division of UGTKONation, which stands for, The Urban Gospel Takeover Nation. Every aspect of our company involves the promotion of independent Christian artists in the most professional manner, but without the exorbitant fees.

This blog started out as an extension of UGTKONation, because I felt as though the best way to display my expertise on self-marketing, would be through this medium. However, before I got any feedback from anyone, I knew once the word got around about it, people would flock to it. And they have - we've got the numbers to support my statement. People are excited about someone taking the time to be honest with them about how things really are, as opposed to someone selling them a lofty dream, lacking clearly defined steps as a means of achieving it. In writing, my strategy has always been to demonstrate how easy it is to really understand the marketing side of the gospel industry, and what methods can implemented NOW for immediate results.

Being straightforward and as intimate with folks as possible through this medium, has placed me in a more favorable position as compared to January of this year. The growth and visibility this company has achieved in such a short period of time is phenomenal and somewhat mind-boggling. Ironically, at the beginning of the year, writing regularly was not something I had set my sights on doing. My initial focus was to develop a cable television show to help with the promotion of independent Christian artists, at no costs to them. There will still be a show, just as soon as we can get the shows completely packaged, however, if it had not been for opportunity, after opportunity, presenting itself, and me wanting to hop on it while I was still HOT, it would have been released several months ago.

I believe the more I write here today, the more you are starting to realize, the company I am speaking of is primarily ME. Many people have come along and offered to help and partner with us (me and UGTKONation), and I have either done the walk away, or planned on considering it at a later date because I realized these were not affiliations the Lord had in mind for me. But because the Lord knows and sees everything, he has Blessed me with a new vision, to help the original vision fully manifest itself, so more Kingdom building could take place.The new vision involves partnering with well-structured, spirit-led Christian businesses.

Since I totally believe in decency and order, until some sort of contract/agreement is drawn up, I will not reveal the names of these new affiliations; instead, I will tell you what it means for you as an independent Christian artist: More Exposure through Radio, Television, Magazines, Social Media and just MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!

Within the next couple of weeks, myself, along with several very popular internet radio stations will begin to put together a weekly newsletter. The publication will highlight artists from across the country, and myself and the other parties involved will make sure it is distributed properly. It makes no sense at all to put together a weekly publication no one knows about. What a waste of your time, as well as mine. Initially, we will start out as an online publication, and then move to distributing physical copies across the country. Also, within this Blog, you are going to start seeing and hearing about more independent artists. Be on the look out for moContests and fabulous prizes will be a part of all this to reward you for supporting us, as well as each other.

I thank you for taking a moment to read our update. May God Continue to Bless you and Yours!
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

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