Monday, October 22, 2012

Video Clip from Sunday Best's Alexis Spight Freebie Concert

Now LOOK!!!!! When Alexis' cd drops in January 2013, I want to see it take residence at the top of the music charts and stay up there  for a while. Baby Girl deserves it, and is out here giving it to us from her heart. I don't even know why I'm dropping this video on you, because if you were in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Saturday evening, you should have been there. Sis. Alexis Spight, was the vessel the Lord used to make his presence known, and before we knew it, we were looking at our individual situations/issues from the Lord's vantage point. And indeed, the view was so good, we found comfort in knowing our burdens would be lifted, once we allowed ourselves to be transformed.

One of the most difficult things I've had to deal with, with all of my hat juggling, to keep this blog popping, is remind myself, unrestrained worship and camera equipment don't always go hand in hand. The shakiness in the video is from my own excitement. I tried to steady my hand, but it wouldn't keep still. (LOL!)

Well...getting back to the story, a little birdie told me, "Ms. Spight", would be doing a promotional (FREE) concert, but she wasn't going to be out there all night long. In so many words, the word on the street was, one or two songs, and then some mobile phone photos and a few kisses on the cheeks, then it would be a WRAP! BUT Let me tell you, Baby Girl was not concerned about the time at all; in fact, SHE PREACHED, right after Pastor Henderson, the guest pastor PREACHED!!!  You see, we gathered at the River of Life Church in DeSoto, TX yesterday for a cause - Breast Cancer Awareness - and the Desire to have a successful and meaningful concert, met with the Purpose of Spreading Awareness about the disease, in a MIGHTY WAY. The Holy Spirit had its way with us, and there was a WHOLELOTTA shouting going on. I saw one shout I'd never seen before in my life. It was like a kick step repeat pattern. I sure wish I could have caught that on on camera so I could share that one with you and learn it for myself too.

Okay....enough with the HYPE, but I will throw this in there because I heard Alexis say it a few times this weekend, "It's not about ME. If people are coming out to see me, they won't. It's all about HIM." Let's all allow the Love of God to shine through us, and brighten our visage, so others will find comfort when they are in our presence.
Oh, before I forget, I'm going to give out the info for the Free "Music Leak" Download from Ms. Alexis Spight. Please TEXT @AlexisSpight to 23559 for the single, "Steady". Enjoy!

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More or Less, I'm out until the next time. May God Bless you and keep you until the next Blog!
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

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