Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What in Hell Do You Want? (by Playwright Evelyn Jones-Reed) - Sat., Oct. 27 - Ft. Worth, TX

I have been trying to make it out to this play for the past two years, but with God willing, I will be able to attend this coming Saturday. The first time I heard about this wonderful production, was in 2010 when I had one of the most horrible schedules in the world. But enough about me, let me introduce you to my cousin Evelyn Jones-Reed, the playwright. Yes...we really are cousins, so I feel honored to be able to deliver this write up to you about my family member.

Now unless you've been hiding underneath a rock, I know you've heard the commercial for the "What in Hell Do You Want" stage play, on your radio. The first thing that grabs you is the title. If you are anything like me, and known for speaking out loud, when it appears to be safe to do so, then you probably would have said, "Absolutely NOTHING," just like I did, almost yelling, as I was driving in my car. And like the title and punctuation suggest, it is a question; but my question to you is, if we know there is a HELL, and we know we aren't living right, then when will we begin to change our behavior? Do you think a vivid snapshot of HELL would make you totally rule it out as your place of residence when this life is said and done? Well, the playwright, Evelyn Jones-Reed so strongly believes this to be the case that she has invested quite a bit of her own money to make sure the message comes across as intended - Whatever you do, stay the HELL away from HELL!

I had the pleasure of sitting in on one of the rehearsals last week, and this is what I caught.

This is just one clip from the play, but the entire production is packed with moments like this! Add to the production the professional costumes, and professionally made up faces by make up artist, "Stung By A Bee", and you will wonder why you ever paid twice as much for a production which leaves a lot to be desired.

Evelyn Jones-Reed created her first script out of her desire to help a church which was badly in need of funds. The success of the production in terms of attendance and feedback encouraged her to continue writing scripts and sowing into her own ministry to help foster growth.  "What in Hell Do You Want" was produced for the first time by her production company, WG Ministries Theatrical Productions, which means, WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. In addition to presenting the play to audiences in the city of Ft. Worth, the production has also traveled to El Paso, TX, Ferriday, LA, and Flagstaff, AZ. The mission of WG is to Impact, Inspire and Proclaim the word of God through arts ministry.

Like many other aspiring playwrights, Evelyn Jones-Reed's desire is to go International with this play, and her production company. However, she's not waiting for someone to come along and take notice, she is footing the bill on her own, and putting in the Social Media and Networking hours necessary to get the word out. In fact, she even reached out to two time Grammy award winner and actress, Ann Nesby and asked her to participate in the upcoming play, "What in Hell Do You Want". Now many of you reading this may think she had to know someone to get Ann to even look at the play; but no, you are wrong this time. I just talked to you about putting in your online hours, so that's how she did it. She went to the Ann's website after googling her, and navigated to the contact page, dropped in the right combination of words and punctuation and pressed SEND. And VOILA!!!!! Like magic, Ann Nesby, will come into town on Thursday for a couple of rehearsals before the play and I can't wait Baby!

Now look, if you need tickets, click on the flyer at the top of this blog and get one. Tickets are going fast, and on top of that, I want you to get a good seat, so please don't wait until the last minute to get to the auditorium. You know how you step up in the venue and get mad because you have to sit towards the back, or scatter your family members because you all can't sit on the same row? Well....it doesn't have to go down like that. Be on time! Just Do It!!!!

We wish for my cuz Evelyn Jones-Reed a huge turnout, and perfect delivery of all the cast members lines. I can't wait to be entertained and get a good word mixed in with it too. By the way, you may want to bring a throw in case one of your family members is overcome by the word. This is not a joke. During previous presentations of this particular production, the cast has had to stop the play until audience members who were shouting, took a seat and calmed down.

I caught up with my cousin this past Saturday to get some flyers to distribute, and we made a promo video together. Check us out. Please don't laugh at my Gumby Shaped Hairstyle. I'm still putting the braids in after a week's time. As you can see, I always have something smart to say. (Me going in on the Burger King staff about my breakfast @ 2:39)

Well look ah here. It really is time to get out of here. See you all on Saturday. God Bless you!
Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

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