Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Youtube $$$$: Get Paid When Your Music Plays On Other Channels

I am going to try to be as brief as possible with this information I'm about to lay on you. Of course there is the real technical way of explaining this or the other approach, which is my favorite, breaking it down into layman's terms.

In an effort to stay in good graces with the big name record companies, You Tube decided to set up a deal to protect itself and its users from copyright infringement. As we all know, advertising has been You Tube's claim to fame and MAD RICHES!!! Their advertising, revenue generating model is no different from regular television.  It doesn't matter if you know exactly what you are looking for on You Tube, or if you are just browsing, eventually an ad will appear at the beginning of the video, and rotating ads will be located to the right of the screen.

How Can You Cash In?
If you are a registered publisher, and you have already opted in, you will receive a percentage of the advertising revenue on other users' channels. Basically what you are saying is you agree not to go after users who have not contacted you to play your music on their channel, but instead, share in the revenue generated through advertising, with You Tube and the User.(Pleases note, this applies also, when a user puts together a collage of photos, and has your music playing in the background.)

Okay, here's an example: Someone stops by another You Tube User's Channel, and clicks on a cell phone company ad while your music is playing on that particular video. When this occurs, you have just earned revenue, along with You Tube and the You Tube channel owner.

For further details, go ahead and get registered through this link. However, before you register, read through the F.A.Q.s.  YOUTUBE LICENSE

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