Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sweet Voice from Jamaica - Acapella

I am sorry, that I don't have a pic for you, or more information on the brother from Jamaica that left me this message on Friday. It is sooooo beautiful I couldn't keep it to myself. Yes...I'm sharing. We will have to find out more about his ministry so we can give you all the details. I've always said, some of the sweetest voices I've ever heard in my life come straight out of Jamaica, one of the poorest islands on the planet Earth. Lord have mercy upon each and every one of their souls. I know they are struggling.

Here's a snippet for you, so you get what I'm talking about:

Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Artist Alert: Gospel Rap Artist CountreBoi from GA

Today, we here at UGTKONation had the pleasure of interviewing up and coming, gospel rap artist, Countre Boi from the Pine Mountain, GA. Now it could very well be you’ve never heard of him before and the name is totally new to you, however, this is not Countre Boi’s first attempt at becoming a successful rapper; about the only difference this time, as compared to his first try is, this time he is putting God first.

Back in 2003, Countre Boi connected with two aspiring rap artists on his job when he was working at a plant. During one of his lunch breaks, he noticed one of his co-workers writing, so he approached him and introduced himself. He let him know he was also an aspiring writer, and thought it would be a good idea if one day they got together to write sometime and maybe even form a group. After mentioning this, his new friend told him he knew of someone with some professional recording equipment that might be able to help them put it all together. The story of how things came together in the makeshift studio is a rather funny one. None of them knew how to operate the sophisticated tools they had, but they knew green light on the equipment meant they were doing something right, as opposed to a constant red light meaning they still needed to figure it all out.

When I interviewed Countre Boi, he indicated to me that he didn’t feel comfortable rapping about what the Trap County Boys were rapping about. They were talking about drugs and hustling, and that wasn’t a lifestyle he was accustomed to, he was always a church boy like his name indicates. Now of course I had to ask him if he actually knew what “trap boy” meant, and if so, why did decide to become a member of the group? His response was that although he was in the group, he made a decision to not rap about those nefarious situations the other two members in the group expressed. Of course this situation weighed heavy on his heart, because he felt as if he was a hypocrite, and as a result, he eventually left the group.

Countre Boi’s 2nd attempt at becoming a rapper was roughly around 2005/2006. We didn’t discuss too much about it, but he did say it was during this time he really had a desire to rap the right way – For God! But the main thing is this, his 3rd attempt at being a successful rapper is now, with the album he released on June 22, 2012, entitled “Refined”. I have included below, for your review, a snippet of one of the first tracks released from the new album entitled, “Praise Break”. Please let us know what you think, and pick up a copy today at
We here at UGTKONation wish him the best, and hope he becomes as successful as he would like to be in this industry. He as well as the other contributing artists on the compilation have our prayers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Direction for UGTKONation - Please Listen Up

I'm sure many of you may be wondering what I'm doing with this huge diamond on this page. Well, before you get angry, it's not even mine. I placed it on my page because of a verse in one of Rihanna's latest songs - "Shine bright like a Diamond. Shine Bright like a Diamond." As you can see from this photo, when the light hits the diamond, according to the cut, it will be refracted numerous times, then it will also be reflected once it leaves the interface, causing us to witness the brilliance of this particular diamond's beauty similar to the one in this picture. Clearly, it is my time to shine, and if I don't do so, to the best of my ability, it may be another thousand years before I get my chance again.

I have come to the conclusion by way of my interactions with numerous "so-called" Christian friends on Facebook, that there is no such thing as gospel music/christian music, in the traditional sense, once a person has bought into doing all types of scheming they can think of to increase the popularity of their project. Also, if your daily manner and actions don't line up with the life of a true Christian (in terms of being Christlike), sad, but so very true, I want nothing to do with you in the area of promoting something with no true meaning behind it.

Our new direction for the remainder of the year and beyond, is to promote that which is positive. I can tell you right now, there may not be a mention of Jesus' name as often as you like, and then again, his name may not be mentioned at all.

Christianity is not a title you wear on your sleeve, but like Islam, it is way of life.