Friday, June 5, 2015

D'aych and "The Movement Music" Mixtape

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Gospel Rapper, D'aych (Daniel Harris), straight out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. By the way, if you didn’t already know, D'aych is pronounced D.H. It wasn’t the first time, I was granted the opportunity to converse with this intelligient, focused, purpose driven, very hands on every aspect of his career artist. But I do declare, this time, I noticed there is something very special about D'aych, which distinguishes him from the host of Christian rappers we find introducing themselves to us everyday on Facebook, and vying for our support of their projects. D'aych does not adhere to any single dropping or album production schedule to please the crowd, as a recipe for success. Futhermore, he does not rap lyrics which are acceptable by all leadership of all religious organizations. In fact, he has been advised by some members of the clergy to tone down the audacity of the message he is attempting to deliver. A few have even gone so far as to say, if he does not make his message more palatable to the conservative Christians ear, it might cost him his life. However, for D'aych only God can determine when a man’s work on this Earth is done, therefore he allows The Holy Spirit to be his guide at all times.

D'aych has a new project he is promoting, but he is such a multi-faceted individual, I really don’t know if I wish to start out this piece talking about the album or his philanthropic connections. Let me get back on topic with the album review and then I’ll be more than happy to tell you all I know about the man.

Dyach’s latest project, “The Movement Music” (a mixtape), was crafted to encourage people of all races, who feel as though, the constant show of extreme force used by the police against people of color, equates to our civil rights being revoked. “The Movement Music” pays homage to the leaders and active supporters of the Civil Rights movement, by giving us some of that Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway flavor on the production side, but is coupled with a chilling reminder of the severity of the nation’s color divide, when the names of recent victims of police brutality and killings are mentioned. How’s that for a dose of reality and nostalgia all mixed together?!

Like many of the secular rap artists you may already be familiar with from back in the day, D'aych actually has quite a way of weaving his words together to blend, the perfectly crafted story he raps into the listener’s ear, admonishing him or her to take heed to the word of God, and strive to be more Christlike. As told by D'aych, there are a lot of young people in our nation today, who have been affected by news of other young people, who have been killed and attacked by the police. Often times, when brought to trial, the police officers stand before the jury and judge, stating the reason behind their fusillade, was their fear of being killed by the now dead victim. Our youth need direction; something that makes sense and doesn’t cause them to destroy themselves, with misdirected anger.

Personally, the song which grabbed me from the “The Movement Music” mixtape was “Bang Bang”. Wow...I was instantly caught up. It was an early, Wednesday morning, when I received the link via text message, however, I waited until late in the evening to give the song another listen, as well my full attention. You know how it is, it was super late and obviously time to bed down and prepare myself for the following day, however, I chose to plug my earbuds in my ear and reconnect with D'aych’s ‘Bang Bang’ banger. In an instant, a fire deep within me was ignited, and my sleepiness escaped me. Honestly, I was ready to call D'aych in the middle of the night and ask what I needed to do to enlist in his “Movement”. I believe you will feel the same when you listen to it.

When asked about his album favorite, D'aych mentioned, “Out Here Serving”, which talks about servants of God serving the people of God. While we are on the subject of serving, let’s talk about the artist. D'aych was the driving force behind a recent benefit concert in ​Menomee Falls, WI​ called, “Give Your Heart Away”, which was designed to clothe some of the homeless poeple in the area during the harsh winter. He says the planning of the concert fell into place rather smoothly, with plenty of volunteers coming on board from the onset to round up gently used garments and outer clothing from their own homes and homes of friends. The concert was a HUGE success, in terms of the turn out of guests, monetary donations, and the concert doing what it was designed to do. Simultaneously, as the concert was taking place, volunteers poured out into the streets in their cars and vans, and started searching for homeless people in the streets and handing them the type of clothing they needed. At the end of the night, once the donations had been counted up, in the privacy of his office, the pastor whose church hosted the event, Pastor Kako, mentioned to the organizers of the benefit, he had raised enough money to build a much needed clinic in Kenya.

Many of us are not in touch with hardships people in other countries endure regarding healthcare. But because of D'aych’s association with Pastor Kako, who was born in Kenya, as well as his mother’s missionary visit to this land, he had firsthand knowledge of the unnecessary deaths of people who had taken ill, but had no mode of transportation other than their feet, to get to town and receive care. Our brothers and sisters in Kenya were attempting to travel 70 miles on foot, while they were wounded, in labor and to get a diagnosis for illnesses they had no knowledge of how to treat. As you can imagine, there were plenty of deaths along the side of the road, as people succumbed to lack of much needed medical attention. One of D'aych’s many goals for the summer of 2016 is to visit this clinic.

Before we close our piece, we want to share the latest news with you about our artist. D'aych has finally answered the call of God and will be attending ​Rhema Bible Training College this year in the state of Oklahoma! His decision to go was based upon some obvious divine intervention, made crystal clear by individuals who were already in his life, as well as a Prophetic pastor by the name of Pastor Aguilar. One of his friends walked up to him one day and said, “Hey Bro, I'm getting ready to go back to school. You should come Bro.”

We want to thank D'aych for being so kind as to grant us the opportunity to speak with him about his latest project and ministry. If you wish to enlist in the movement (smiling), by buying a copy of “The Movement Music” mixtape, please go to​ and the music will be sent directly to your phone. This way you are dealing directly with the artist because there is no middleman. Also, you don’t have to worry about where your money is going, because this man is on his way to seminary school.

Written by Arielle a.k.a. Determinator1